Bellwoods Logo Glass - 16oz Willi Becher
A fantastic glass to drink your fresh Bellwoods beers from!   16oz, fits 1 can. Please hand wash only.
Cloudwater 20oz Howarth Tankard - With Gold Logo
A 20oz Howarth Tankard glass with a Gold Cloudwater logo on side and CE marks. The perfect size to fit one of our cans.  
Cloudwater 47cl Craft Master Glass with White Logo & Branding
Our iconic 47cl Craft Master glass is back with an updated design, white printed Cloudwater Logo which perfectly holds our 440ml can, with room for a small head of foam.  
Cloudwater Barrel Project
Luttich Goblet
30cl Glass - Gold
A 30cl goblet-style glass with a real gold logo, gold rim, and "Cloudwater Barrel Project" on the back. Please hand wash  
Cloudwater Build Your Own Gift Box
3 pack
Branded Gift Box that is a great display for 3 items of the following formats: 375ml Cloudwater Barrel Project Bottles 440ml cans Craftmaster Glass Luttich Gold Tasting Glass Please note that this gift box comes flat packed in your online...
Cloudwater Luttich Taster Glass
Lüttich Goblet
40cl with White Logo
A 40cl goblet-style glass with white Cloudwater logo at front, nucleation and CE marks on side.  
Cloudwater x The Veil Glass
Chubbles 2023
A hybrid logo glass to celebrate our 6th Chubbles release in March 2023.12.3 oz Edel glass with silver logo on both sides.
Gift Box & Barrel Project Glass Glass 2022
Build Your Own
You decide your own gift pack! Choose 6 items from our shop in 375ml or 440ml size, and we will put them together in this gift pack for you. This item includes: Gift Box 1 x 30cl Lüttich Goblet Cloudwater barrel...
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