Bellwoods Logo Glass - 16oz Willi Becher
A fantastic glass to drink your fresh Bellwoods beers from!   16oz, fits 1 can. Please hand wash only.
Gueuzerie Tilquin - Lambic Baskets
Lambic pouring basket for 75cl bottles of gueuze or lambic.It keeps the yeast separate from the beer, just like the lees in wine.
Queer Brewing stemmed Glass
Queer Brewing's new elegant 12.3oz Eden Stemmed glass with a simplistic design. Perfectly fits a 2/3rds measure with enough room for a foamy head!
This Ain’t the Beer That You’re Used To
‘This Ain’t the Beer That You’re Used To’ is an honest, approachable introduction to beer, sharing Dom “Doochie” Cook’s personal journey through beer appreciation and education. It is the perfect book for anyone new to beer, or any enthusiast wanting...
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