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Belleflower - Barn Hex
New England DIPA
Belleflower's logo is a modern take on a traditional barn hex. Farmers paint these symbols on their barn to conjure many different things: protection, success, fertility, health, love, passion, creativity. We chose this style of American folk art to express...
Belleflower - Flashlight Tag
Imperial Stout w/ Black Walnut & Pecan
This iteration of Flashlight Tag opens with warm earthy aromas of maple syrup from the black walnuts then peanut brittle and candied pecans. This beer tastes of black walnut upfront, followed by the middle of a cherry Tootsie Pop and...
Belleflower - Galaxy Scrugsy
New England IPA
Same dog new collar! For this variant we used Galaxy and Citra in the dry hop. Galaxy Scrugsy features kiwi, pineapple, peach, mango, and sweet tarts in the aroma. The first sip brings a crisp mineraly slightly drying sensation that...
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