Burning Sky - Big Easy
Double IPA
Our classic drinking IPA has been ramped up to double proportions. More malt and a lot more hops (Simcoe, Chinook, Amarillo & Columbus) giving citrus and pine forest aromas. 8% ABV, 440ml Can ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS Vegan friendly
Burning Sky - New Alliance
Anglo-Belgian Pale Ale
Brewed with our friend Yvan De Baets from Brasserie De La Senne, this modern Anglo-Belgian pale ale represents both breweries’ love of crisp pale ales. A high proportion of spelt aids the dryness. Hoppy on the nose with an assertively...
Burning Sky - Recusant
Wild Belgian-Style Ale
Recusant is a wild Belgian style ale. Mashed with Pilsner and Vienna malt, fermented with ale yeast and Brettanomyces Bruxellensis then dry hopped with Styrian Goldings. Recusant refuses to submit or comply. 6.3% ABV, 440ml Can ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY...
Burning Sky - Elderberry Monolith
Our wild black beer spent 18 months in oak before being aged for a further 6 months on local elderberries. The result is reminiscent of a deep earthy Burgundy. 9.7% ABV, 750ml Bottle ALLERGENS: MALTED BARLEY SPELT WHEAT GLUTEN ELDERBERRY Vegan friendly
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