Somewhere Within
Juicy IPA
Bright, juicy and brimming with vibrant fruit flavours, this is both our modern take on a classic style and an expression of our most up-to-date work in hoppy beer. It brings together a blend of our favourite US and New...
from £5.00
The Little Pump House At Kinder Reservoir
DDH Pale
Smooth and Juicy, Popping with Bright Fruit Flavours. There are spirits inside this little pump house at Kinder Reservoir. At night they dance and skate across the water, bestowing blessings and wishes that every cell in every being reaches optimal...
from £4.75
I Have Become The Boat
Citra & Mosaic DDH IPA
Join us as we embark on a fantastic voyage. Citra and Mosaic is the quintessential modern hop combination and this DDH IPA sets out to prove exactly why. Wave after wave of succulent tropical and stone fruit flavours roll across...
Easy Pale
from £3.25
Easy Pale
A beautiful marriage of modern softness and traditional drinkability. 3.5% ABV, 440ml Can Allergens - Gluten Wheat Barley Vegan friendly COD: 30/08/2022
from £3.25
Super Happy!
The juiciest hand-selected hop showcase in a pintable, exciting beer. 5.3% ABV, 440ml Can Allergens - Gluten Wheat Barley Vegan friendly COD: 17/08/2022
from £4.25
Hazy Pale
from £3.75
Hazy Pale
Seven years of pioneering hazy beers and a blend of hand-selected hops combine in a recipe based on our 2018–2020 Signature Pale. 4.2% ABV, 440ml Can Allergens - Gluten Wheat Barley Vegan friendly
from £3.75
w/ Azvex
DDH IPA made with a new hybrid yeast featuring NZ Cascade, Citra and Columbus. This DDH IPA was fermented with a brand new yeast developed by combining our favourite New England yeast with a punchy Kveik yeast, producing luscious tropical...
The Seed Which Cannot Be Sown
Simcoe TIPA
A 30g/l Simcoe Triple IPA, Presenting Simcoe in all its glory. Simcoe has a wonderful ability to confound expectations. Most commonly known for characteristics of bitter grapefruit and pine, we’ve instead found recent lots to provide vibrant, juicy notes of fresh...
The Light Grey One
Citra & Nelson DIPA
Intensely flavoursome, combining a dank character with ripe, juicy fruit.Both legs together, The click, click of sixteen nails.Warm pads on cold stone. 8% ABV, 440ml Can ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS  Vegan friendlyCOD: 19/08/2022 This item is included in The...
Crystallography the Original
West Coast DIPA
This is a tribute to the strong, heavily hopped West Coast beers that captured our hearts by combining incredible depth of flavour with effortless drinkability. It’s rich and intense yet still soft, fresh and bright, with a finish that’s deliciously...
from £6.00
The Lighter Grey One
Citra & Nelson DHH IPA
Light but intensely flavoured, combinig a punchy dank aroma with smooth tropical fruit.  Brightly painted nails,friendly pats, floor snacks, a treat!A night in the pub. 6.5% ABV, 440ml Can ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS  Vegan friendly This beer is included in...
Godspeed - Ochame
Green Tea IPA
355ml Can
Godspeed say: Floral and citrus from the Japanese Green tea, harvested every year from our Brewmaster's tea field in Japan, melds harmoniously with German and French hops in this big, but agile IPA. A simple but robust malt profile and...
Sonnen Hill - Altro
North American Pils
Altro is a North American Pils that we made with Volo. Brewed with barley and some flaked corn, and hopped with Sterling hops from Oregon, this one goes down easy. There are delicate hop aromas of geranium, light peach and lemon. The body...
Interference Is Temporary
West Coast Red IPA
w/ Muted Horn
Brewed with our friends at Muted Horn in Berlin, this Red IPA takes the best of the rich complex malt character of Red IPAs, but with a modern, light and crisp West Coast presentation. Using classic piney and resinous hops...
from £4.75
DIPA & TIPA Mini Pack
A small selection of strong and hop forward beers that have recently rolled off  our canning line: This pack includes the following 4x 440ml cans: Proper DIPA Mosaic, Single hop DIPA, 8% ABV Crystallography OG, West Coast DIPA, 8% ABV The...
Queer Brewing Pack
6 Beers + Glass
A selection of favourites and future classics, plus a beautiful new stemmed glass from our friends at Queer Brewing The pack includes: 2x Queer Brewing - Flowers, Wit, 4% ABV, 440ml can 1x Queer Brewing - Something To Put In You,...
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