Hoppy Little Lager
Pale & Zesty
Our most approachable and easy-drinking beer takes cues from both our Pale Ale and our Light Lager, to combine bright, zesty, fruity hop flavours with the light drinkability and refreshing qualities of low-ABV lager. A fine thirst-quencher, a delicious pause...
We See You, We Are You
IWD 2021
Triple IPA
Take the long route,Skin bathed in electric light.Soft hands, ready with metal claws.Melodies for one ear only Don’t forget three rings. This beer is a dedication from all of the women here, to all of the women who don’t make it...
Sold Out
Six Degrees Of Separation
Collab w/ Basqueland
Last cans. Collaboration is most powerful when it creates new opportunities, helps to solve shared problems or provides a chance for learning. So, in making a plan with our friends from Basqueland, we decided to challenge ourselves by testing new...
Rock Leopard - Are We Human or Are We Chancer?
Session NEIPA
A Session NEIPA from Rock Leopard. 4.2% ABV, 440ml ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS
Boundary Brewing Cooperative - So Many Beer Names
Pale Ale brewed by Boundary Brewing Cooperative in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Boundary opened in 2015 and is a co-operative brewery owned by its members. This delicious, juicy Pale Ale includes a 16 g/l dry hop of Cascade, Mandarina Bavaria and Simcoe. 4%...
Bellwoods - Jutsu
Pale Ale
Jutsu was created to embody all the elements of hoppy beer we love, in a most approachable format. It’s super aromatic, but low in bitterness, incredibly hazy, but light bodied, and strikes the perfect balance between juicy and dry. This...
Pictish - Alchemists Ale
Pale Ale
A refreshing straw coloured ale, with crisp malt flavours and a robust hoppy finish. Pictish Brewing Company is a small independent brewery established in April 2000 by Richard Sutton. Early in 2013 Richard decided to opt for an easier life...
Pictish - Brewers Gold
Blonde Ale
A refreshing thirst quenching pale golden session beer. Malty undertones and a powerful spicy hop aroma combine to produce a dangerously more-ish beer. Pictish Brewing Company is a small independent brewery established in April 2000 by Richard Sutton. Early in...
Rock Leopard - Kushti Manooshki 7th Son of a Mu Mu Cat
West Coast IPA
What’s this all about? We’ve taking the base beer of Mu Mu Cat , our modern day classic West Coast IPA and dried hopped it with Chinook & Amarillo hops. So you will get pleasant and pronounced bright tropical fruit...
Cloudwater Pale Ale Mixed Pack
This pack contains our freshest Pale Ales: 1 x DDH Pale Recipe Evolution #1, 5% ABV 1 x DDH Pale Recipe Evolution #2, 5% ABV 1 x DDH Pale Recipe Evolution #3, 5% ABV 1 x DDH Pale Recipe Evolution #4, 5% ABV 2 x West Coast Pale,...
Bellwoods - An APA
Citra Loral
Pale Ale
Cracking some fresh APA in anticipation feels like the perfect way to summon the new (warmth? evening walks?) and banish the old (parkas? frozen retinas?). Brewed with a vivacious blend of Citra and Loral that imbue this golden, hazy orb...
Collective Arts - Good Monster
New England DIPA
This New England style DIPA is a beast, but not in a "lurking in the shadows, evil" kind of way; in a "flavour explosion, delicious hops," GOOD Monster kind of way! Double dry hopped with 24g/L of Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe...
Bellwoods - Roman Candle
It’s the first IPA we ever brewed, back when we first got reliable access to Citra and decided to base a beer around it. Dry-hopped at the rate of a Double IPA, perfectly balanced, and showcasing bright citrusy aromatics, 6.8%...
Left Handed Giant - Cheeseburger Cavalry
Last two cans. It's back!! LHG's favourite IPA dry hopped with big hitters Citra and Mosaic. An easy drinking IPA with all the stone fruity flavours you like to see, finished with a zesty bite and a classic grassy, piney bitterness....
Mobberley Brewhouse - Mosaic
5.6% ABV, 440ml can ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS Vegan friendly
Boundary - Indulgent Posturing
Burnt Mill - Green Path
A West Coast leaning IPA with tropical fruit aromatics from Citra & Mosaic hops that are supported by a stripped back malt profile. Low bitterness and a dry finish keep the body lean and drinkability high. 6.0% ABV, 440ml Can...
Rock Leopard - Distant Cousin Of A Mu Mu Cat
West Coast IPA
What’s this all about? Well, nobody knows or nobody is talking. What they sometimes talk about though, is a distant cousin of the legendary Mu Mu Cat. Apparently, they even had something to do with the invention of beer. We...
DDH Pale Recipe Evolution #3
Refreshed & Refined
DDH Pale
Our signature recipes undergo gradual and continuous evolution, as we refine processes and respond to changing tastes. But now we want to bring you intoour development process. This is the second of a series of one-off variants of our DDH Pale...
Mobberley Brewhouse - Reflection Point
A special release IPA which highlights the bold, intense flavours of Waiti & Kuhatu New Zealand hops. A rich, intense IPA, with a smooth, thick mouthfeel and lingering bitterness. Citrus fruit and ripe tropical fruit flavours lead to a full, piney,...
Collective Arts - Radio The Mothership
Imperial IPA
Fruity, bitter hops, berry, mango, peach; a wonderful interplay between the earthy bitterness, the nuanced fruity berry character, and the piney funky tropical depth. The resinous character of the hops shows through in a tongue-coating mouth feel. You’ll really feel...
Eko Brewery - Haze
New England IPA
Tom's Tap and Brewhouse - Mighty Stout
Made using oats from Mornflake in Crewe. Can conditioned beer. 4.8% ABV, 500ml Can ALLERGENS: WHEAT GLUTEN BARLEY  Vegan friendly
Tom's Tap and Brewhouse - Hazelnut Chocolate Stout
A beer using cacao powder and a high percentage of chocolate malt together with hazelnut flavouring (does not contain nuts). Can conditioned beer 6.5% ABV, 500ml Can ALLERGENS: WHEAT GLUTEN BARLEY CACAO Vegan friendly
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