Back On Boogie St ... [Columbus Single Hop IPA] ... Crop Year 2019 Series - [13]

Back On Boogie St
Columbus Single Hop IPA
Crop Year 2019 Series - 13


In the early 70s, while Chuck Zimmerman was in heated discussions over the rights to Columbus, or Tomahawk (to use its trademark name), another Zimmerman by the name of Tucker released Ten Songs. Years later, in the early 2000s, by which time Columbus had firmly established itself as a favourite hop used to add backbone and bitterness to APAs and Pale Ales, Ten New Songs, a masterful album by Leonard Cohen was released.Columbus isn’t new, and may no longer occupy a prime position, but like those classic records of days gone, that don’t make it junk.

6.0% ABV 440ml

Aroma & Flavour: Gently swirl the glass and inhale both quickly and deeply through your nose. Take several mouthfuls, swirl in your mouth, taste and experience the smell upon exhalation

Body: Evaluate the texture of the beer in the mouth, the thickness, carbonation, and smoothness as you swallow

Aftertaste: Note lingering flavours and sensations in the mouth after drinking


Back On Boogie St ... [Columbus Single Hop IPA] ... Crop Year 2019 Series - [13]
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