Behind The Mask
Rich & Smooth Barley Wine
The classic English Barley Wine is an ideal winter warmer. Deep malt flavours slowly unfold with each sip, demanding you take the time to appreciate every nuance. Best enjoyed in front of a roaring fire. 10.5% ABV, 440ml Can Allergens...
from £6.50
My Continuous Improvement - Ginger
Imperial Chocolate Stout w/ Ginger
Imagine crystallised ginger dipped in melted dark chocolate. Deliciously deep, bitter cacao balanced by a satisfying sweetness and comforting, spicy warmth. For this edition of our celebrated Imperial Stout, My Continuous Improvement, we supplemented the double-chocolate, double-vanilla base with an...
Session Nitro Stout
Mini but mighty, our Session Stout aims to cram as much body and flavour as we can feasibly muster into a low-ABV beer. A complex blend of malts provides layered richness, complemented by an addition of whole vanilla pods. On...
from £3.25
Improvement Works
Modern Barley Wine
We adore the comforting warmth and malt richness of Barley Wine as much as we do the vivid hop expression of a modern TIPA but both elements can also co-exist in fine harmony.The lush citrus and tropical fruit aromatics of...
from £6.50
Blackberry Farm - Sorgho Noir
Belgian Strong Dark Ale
Belgian Strong Dark Ale. Blackberry Farm say: Brewed in collaboration with our friends at MadTree Brewing, Sorgho Noir is a dark, moody, steely Belgian Strong Dark Ale crafted with Tennessee-grown barley and Muddy Pond Sorghum syrup. 8.6% ABV, 750ml Bottle ALLERGENS:...
Trillium - Double Pot & Kettle 2021
Blended Imperial Oatmeal Porter w/ Vanilla
For 2021 Double Pot & Kettle, we've blended four versions of this Imperial Oatmeal Porter. Fresh, non-barrel-aged '21 was thoughtfully combined with harmonious selections of bourbon barrel-aged and fresh oak conditioned '18, '19, and '20. These threads have been in...
Godspeed - Svetly Lezak 12
Czech Premium Pale Lager
355ml Can
Godspeed say: One cannot truly understand the depth of the Czech Brewing philosophy until he/she has made it to the country and hook up with the greatest beer inspirations and personalities of the Czech Republic. Back in November 2018, Our...
Godspeed - Irori
Peated Scotch Lager
355ml Can
Godspeed say: IRORI 囲炉裏 is our tribute to Greg Noonan, a pioneer of American craft beer and our dear friend and former mentor. Noonan was the owner and head brewer of Vermont Pub and Brewery for over 20 years, during...
Godspeed - Tsumi
Imperial Stout w/ Coffee
355ml Can
Godspeed say: Tsumi 罪 (meaning: sin) is our refined interpretation of an Imperial Coffee Stout. Using Guatemalan, single origin coffee from Pilot Coffee Roasters, Tsumi gives impressions of blackcurrants, dark chocolate cake, and subtle vanilla with a dry and unapologetically...
JW Lees - Harvest Ale 2015
English Barley Wine by JW Lees. 2015 vintage. JW Lees say: "Our limited edition vintage barley wine is made but once a year. It's brewed with the first hops to be harvested, and then we add the very finest British...
Trillium - Buncha Bananas
Imperial Stout w/ Thai Bananas
Taking a page from the Other Half playbook, we went a little bananas for our latest collab with the New York homies- literally! Buncha' Bananas imperial stout features a lusciously rich base dosed with hundreds of pounds of imported wild...
Godspeed - Sutoko
Vintage Stock Ale
500ml Bottle
Godspeed say: Back in 19th century England, stock or "keeping" ales would develop in cask over many months and take on distinct lactic and brettanomyces character. Sutoko takes inspiration from these long forgotten beers of great distinction. Brewed using East...
Clear Nights Lit by Stars
Dark Beer Pack
We are pleased to present you a small bundle of our stouts to warm your soul on darker, wet days This pack includes the following 5x 440ml cans: Persistence Is Utile #IV Nitro Imperial Stout w/ Coffee, 11% ABV Persistence Is...
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