Improvement Works ... [Modern Barley Wine]

Improvement Works
Modern Barley Wine


We adore the comforting warmth and malt richness of Barley Wine as much as we do the vivid hop expression of a modern TIPA but both elements can also co-exist in fine harmony.

The lush citrus and tropical fruit aromatics of Loral, Sabro and Citra hops are given plenty of space to shine in this Modern Barley Wine, while a caramel and honey malt backbone provides structure and balance. The result is vibrant and expressive, yet beautifully smooth and well-rounded.

10.% ABV, 440ml Can

Allergens - Gluten Wheat Barley 

Vegan friendly

Canned On Date: 12/05/2022

COD 12/05/2022 BBE 12/05/2023
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Improvement Works ... [Modern Barley Wine]
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