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Modern Barley Wine
This is our garden,both of us just visiting.Buds, and fresh new growth. 9.0% ABV 440ml Aroma & Flavour: Smooth orange juice and pulped mango, leading to sticky marmalade with some honey notes coming through Body: Seriously full-bodied and sweet with a...
Black Is Beautiful
Imperial Stout
Spiced Imperial Stout made in collaboration with Rock Leopard. This Imperial Stout is our contribution to the Black Is Beautiful initiative hosted by Weathered Souls Brewing Co and has been brewed with our friends from Rock Leopard. It's built on...
The Beauty Between Power And Dreams
Double Hopfenweisse
Bold, modern DIPA meets classic Hefeweizen. Featuring our delicious, hand-selected Simcoe and Amarillo hops, blending mouthwatering citrus flavours with prominent notes of banana and bubblegum, rounded off with pepper and clove on the finish. It's deep, creamy and totally indulgent...
Only A Dream Can Kill A Dream
Fresh, Funky Barrel-fermented Pale with Tropical Fruits
Fresh, Funky Pale Ale full of tropical fruit salad flavours. Racked onto the remaining lees in first-use French natural red wine barrels, this Pale first developed delicate funky notes and a refreshing, dry finish. Refermentation on passion fruit, pineapple and...
Person Woman Man Camera TV: A Cognitively Adequate Ale
Apple Pie Inspired Brown Ale
Friends & Family & Beer is more than a not-for-profit festival — it’s a wider celebration of community, creativity and independent values. To emphasise this, we’re brewing a series of collaborations with our friends, and donating 5% of profits from...
Blackberry Farm - En Honneur De Toi
Seasonal Saison. Blackberry Farm say: This Saison brewed with Comet hops features aromas of gingersnap, lemon and orange zest with subtle malt sweetness, hints of grapefruit and pine with an earthy herbal note. 8.6% ABV x 750ml bottle
The Veil - Petalz Orangeberry (collab w/ Jester King)
Mixed Fermentation Ale brewed by The Veil Brewing in Richmond, Virginia, in collaboration with Jester King. The Veil say: Final variant in the Petalz series in collaboration with our friends at Jester King! It’s a Mixed Fermie brewed back in...
The Bruery - LXXV (collab with NOLA Brewing)
Wild Ale from The Bruery in California, with botanicals and co-fermented with Chardonnay grape juice Inspired by the French 75, this collaboration with The Bruery's friends at NOLA Brewing was brewed with botanicals and co-fermented with Chardonnay grape juice, with a little lemon...
Green Bench - Alice
Alice is a foeder fermented, wine barrel-aged Golden Sour fermented with a house mixed culture of yeast and bacteria. The result is a dry golden ale, with an intense natural stone fruit aroma and flavour that is enhanced by a...
Trad Is Not A Four Letter Word
Fyne Ales Event Pack
This pack is exclusive to UK customers only due to shipping restrictions of the minicasks. For our next virtual taproom event, we're bringing delicious cask beer right to the comfort of your lounge and partying with our friends from way up north,...
Other People Are Not Me
Blended Foudre Beer
A foudre beer with native chuckleberries. The origins of this beer lead us back to our 2017 collaboration with De Garde, a masterful brewery in Tillamook, OR devoted to spontaneous beers. Their house culture, after 30 months and two light...
Green Bench - Feel The Love
Blended Foeder fermented and wine barrel-aged mixed culture saison with aged whole leaf hops. 5.0% ABV, 375ml bottle Allergens: Gluten. Barley, Oats, Wheat.  
Dwinell Country Ales - Rootbound
Field Beer refermented with rhubarb and cherries. Dwinell Country Ales say: A sessionable mixed-culture farmhouse ale re-fermented with local rhubarb, cherries, and wild yeast. Mild malt flavors and a lively acidity are balanced by a dry finish. 5% x 500ml...
Dwinell - Past Tense Barrel-Aged Wild Amber Ale
An open-cooled barrel-aged wild golden ale blended with a barrel-aged farmhouse pale ale. An expressive balance of oak, acid, estate-grown malts, and the delicate microflora of the Klickitat Valley. Brewed in collaboration with Varietal Beer Company (Sunnyside, WA). 7.9% x...
Wylam - Reflections In The Present
Mixed-fermentation Saison. Starting with an undecorated grist of extra pale base malt, oats and wheat flakes producing an uncomplicated structure for a complex build. A free rise fermentation using a classic farmhouse saison strain is then blended with three separate...
Dwinell Country Ales - Fruit Machine
A Cherry Wild Ale. Dwinell Country Ales say: A blended farmhouse ale refermented over Bing cherries and aged for a year in freshly emptied red wine barrels. 6.5% x 500ml bottle
Breakside - The Body Electric
Blended, mixed-culture sour beer fermented and aged in oak barrels from two Oregon wineries. 6.4% ABV, 500ml bottle Allergens: Gluten. Barley, Oats, Wheat.
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