Black Is Beautiful ... [Imperial Stout]

Black Is Beautiful
Imperial Stout


Spiced Imperial Stout made in collaboration with Rock Leopard.

This Imperial Stout is our contribution to the Black Is Beautiful initiative hosted by Weathered Souls Brewing Co and has been brewed with our friends from Rock Leopard.

It's built on the rich, decadent base from My Continuous Improvement with a complex spice profile that includes African cinchona bark, orange peel, cloves, cinnamon sticks, dandelion root, kaffir lime leaves, cardamom pods, tonka beans, birch leaves, star anise and caraway seeds.

The Black is Beautiful initiative is a collaborative effort amongst the brewing community and its customers, in an attempt to bring awareness to the injustices that many people of colour face daily. Its mission is to bridge the gap that's been around for ages and provide a platform to show that the brewing community is an inclusive place for everyone of any colour.

100% of all proceeds (not just profits) from this beer have been donated to three organisations fighting the injustices, crimes, hostility and brutality facing Black people in our country. These organisations are Kids Of Colour, Rainbow Noir, and The Racial Justice Network.

Due to this, this beer is not applicable for any discounts or promotional campaigns we are currently running on our website (this includes the NHS and Key Worker discounts).

11% ABV, 440ml


Black Is Beautiful ... [Imperial Stout]
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