One of our greatest technical brewing challenges lies in presenting Manchester's water, Germany's finest pilsner malt. Bavarian lager yeast, and classic German hops in a beer style that leaves no room for error, with no bold flavours to mask mistakes...
The Many Who Have Done This Before
Pale Ale
Our industry is built on the efforts of smart, skilled women. From the Sumerians who can justifiably claim to be the very first brewers to the 15th century Brewsters, and now the incredible women contributing so much to modern beer, whether...
Light Lager
Effortlessly drinkable, refined refreshment Our Light Lager is brewed with a small proportion of rice to lighten the colour, flavour, and body, leaving you with a refined beer that’s easy drinking. Perfect for times that require maximum refreshment or considered...
Sold Out
Rock Leopard - Distant Cousin Of A Mu Mu Cat
Rock Leopard Brewery What's this all about? Well, nobody knows or nobody is talking. What they sometimes talk about though, is a distant cousin of the legendary Mu Mu Cat. Apparently, they even had something to do with the invention...
Donzoko - Garden Bier
Session Lager from Donzoko Brewing Company. Donzoko say: “Garden Bier is a 3.8% session lager, brewed with a decoction mash, hopped with English varieties First Gold and Challenger, along with hops grown in our garden. Its smooth, malty and delicately floral....
My Poems Are Not Poems
Blended Foudre Beer
A blended foudre beer This beer is a blend of two foudre beers, one flavoured by an extended steeping of chuckleberries, and the other by macerating freshly-harvested plums for three months. This combination adds a breadth of flavour, without adding...
The Bruery - LXXV (collab with NOLA Brewing)
Wild Ale from The Bruery in California, with botanicals and co-fermented with Chardonnay grape juice Inspired by the French 75, this collaboration with The Bruery's friends at NOLA Brewing was brewed with botanicals and co-fermented with Chardonnay grape juice, with a little lemon...
Hoppy Little Lager
Local Deliveries Only
64oz / 1.9L Growler Fill
**LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY ON GROWLER FILLS - TO BE CONSUMED WITHIN 48 HOURS OF DELIVERY** Cost includes £5 growler deposit. Please email us to arrange growler collection and £5 refund once collected 3% ABV 1.9L Our most approachable and easy-drinking...
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