One of our greatest technical brewing challenges lies in presenting Manchester's water, Germany's finest pilsner malt. Bavarian lager yeast, and classic German hops in a beer style that leaves no room for error, with no bold flavours to mask mistakes...
The Many Who Have Done This Before
Pale Ale
Our industry is built on the efforts of smart, skilled women. From the Sumerians who can justifiably claim to be the very first brewers to the 15th century Brewsters, and now the incredible women contributing so much to modern beer, whether...
West Coast IPA
The West Coast IPA is a modern classic that changed perceptions of what beer could be, and paved the way for today's craft beer scene. Our own approach is informed by experiences working with trailblazing brewers and diving deep into...
Runaway - Mango and Cardamom Sour
Mango and Cardamom Sour from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: "Lassi inspired kettle sour which combines the intense tropical fruitiness of mango and the fragrant citrus of Green Cardamom pods. Brewed in collaboration with our pals at Grub MCR. Vegan friendly." 4.6% ABV x 330ml...
Runaway - IPA
IPA from Runaway Brewery in Manchester. Runaway say: "Our take on a classic West Coast IPA - balancing tropical fruits and bitter, resinous hops with burnt toffee and sweet caramels. Vegan friendly." 5.5% ABV x 330ml bottle ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY...
Runaway - Yuzu Sour
Yuzu Sour from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: Low strength, high flavour, Berliner Weiss inspired sour, brewed with a big hit of Yuzu (Japanese Citrus Fruit) for friends at Chish and Fips – a crisp, sharp, and refreshingly balanced sour. Vegan. 2.8%...
Runaway - Pale Ale
Pale Ale from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: "Our trademark Pale Ale – crisp, light and refreshing, packed with US hops for a citrus led, balanced bitter finish. A modern day Mancunian classic. Vegan friendly." 4.7% ABV x 330ml bottle ALLERGENS:...
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Rock Leopard - Distant Cousin Of A Mu Mu Cat
Rock Leopard Brewery What's this all about? Well, nobody knows or nobody is talking. What they sometimes talk about though, is a distant cousin of the legendary Mu Mu Cat. Apparently, they even had something to do with the invention...
Runaway - Session IPA
Session IPA from Runaway Brewery in Manchester. Runaway say: "A double dry hopped, big flavour, low bitterness, modern IPA but at a lower, more sessionable strength. Brewed with a mix of our favourite US hop varieties for added intensity of flavour. Brewed...
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Rock Leopard - Savage Scene Inner City Pale Ale
Citrusy Tropical and Hoppy. Fresh & Piney. Rock Leopard say, "Just how we like it in the Big Smoke. It’s a good life."Flaked Oats, Flaked Wheat, Pale MaltCascade, Columbus, Mandarina Bavaria ALC 4.9% VOL 440ML ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OAT...
Runaway - Table Beer
Table Beer from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: "Our take on a best bitter – low strength, but beautifully balanced and full of flavour. Hopped with Styrian Wolf and light enough to drink all day long. Vegan." 2.9% ABV x 330ml...
Runaway - Winter Saison
Winter Saison from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: Light, dry and spritzy with a hint of spice – this is our take on a classic Belgian saison with a seasonal British twist. Hints of winter berries and subtle citrus. Vegan. 6.3% ABV...
Donzoko - Garden Bier
Session Lager from Donzoko Brewing Company. Donzoko say: “Garden Bier is a 3.8% session lager, brewed with a decoction mash, hopped with English varieties First Gold and Challenger, along with hops grown in our garden. Its smooth, malty and delicately floral....
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Evil Twin - Extra Fancy Gourmet, Artisanal and Uber Hand selected Style Ale
Pink Sour IPA from Evil Twin NYC. Made with copious amount of pineapple. Tasting notes of lemon and ripe pineapple. Medium bodied. Tart. ALC 7% VOL 473ML
My Poems Are Not Poems
Blended Foudre Beer
A blended foudre beer This beer is a blend of two foudre beers, one flavoured by an extended steeping of chuckleberries, and the other by macerating freshly-harvested plums for three months. This combination adds a breadth of flavour, without adding...
Blackberry Farm - En Honneur De Toi
Seasonal Saison. Blackberry Farm say: This Saison brewed with Comet hops features aromas of gingersnap, lemon and orange zest with subtle malt sweetness, hints of grapefruit and pine with an earthy herbal note. 8.6% ABV x 750ml bottle
Rock Leopard - Chunk O' Change
“Shall we play Swapsies? Your hard earned Chunck O’ Change for this moreish West Coast Session IPA.Bright citrus flavours with earthy undertones, aromas of grapefruit, papaya, apple, pine and herbs. Ingredients: Water, Flaked OATS, Flaked WHEAT, Pilsner MALT, Hops (Cascade, Ekuanot, Simcoe), Yeast...
Evil Twin NYC - Evil Water Pinot Gris
White Wine Seltzer from Evil Twin NYC. A spritzy, wine infused seltzer brewed with Pinot Gris grapes. Bright notes of lemon, peach, and apricot. Effervescent and dry. ALC 5% VOL 473ML
The Bruery - LXXV (collab with NOLA Brewing)
Wild Ale from The Bruery in California, with botanicals and co-fermented with Chardonnay grape juice Inspired by the French 75, this collaboration with The Bruery's friends at NOLA Brewing was brewed with botanicals and co-fermented with Chardonnay grape juice, with a little lemon...
Evil Twin NYC - Evil Water Syrah
Red Wine Seltzer from Evil Twin NYC. Our second wine infused hard seltzer made with Syrah grapes. Subtle flavors of blueberry, raspberry, and cherries. Dry yet spritzy. ALC 5% VOL 473ML
Evil Twin NYC - Evil Water Plum, Almond Cinnamon
Hard Pastry Seltzer from Evil Twin NYC. Brewed with plums, almonds, and cinnamon. Flavors of tart, bright plums, marzipan, and Baker’s spice. Refreshing, light, perfect for spring days. ALC 4.5% VOL 473ML
Runaway - Shandy Panaché: Hoppy Pale x Mango & Pineapple
Soda/beer hybrid from Runaway Brewery and Steep Soda in Manchester. Runaway say: "The latest in our line of experimental, grown-up soda / beer hybrids. We've mixed a crisp, refreshing, hoppy Pale Ale with the intense fruitiness of a Pineapple and Mango soda. It's...
Green Bench - Alice
Alice is a foeder fermented, wine barrel-aged Golden Sour fermented with a house mixed culture of yeast and bacteria. The result is a dry golden ale, with an intense natural stone fruit aroma and flavour that is enhanced by a...
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