Donzoko - Big Foam
Rustic Lager. Donzoko say: “BIG FOAM is our idea of a 'rustic' lager, with German Pilsner malt and locally grown spelt. Finished with a large dose of hallertau blanc and astra hops for a peachy white wine finish. Fermented cold, naturally acidified...
You Can't See It
Pale Ale
 A fragrant blend of US and NZ hops. We hope you enjoy it! 5.4% VOL 440ML ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS
Rock Leopard - Distant Cousin Of A Mu Mu Cat
West Coast IPA
Rock Leopard Brewery What's this all about? Well, nobody knows or nobody is talking. What they sometimes talk about though, is a distant cousin of the legendary Mu Mu Cat. Apparently, they even had something to do with the invention...
Donzoko - Garden Bier
Session Lager from Donzoko Brewing Company. Donzoko say: “Garden Bier is a 3.8% session lager, brewed with a decoction mash, hopped with English varieties First Gold and Challenger, along with hops grown in our garden. Its smooth, malty and delicately floral....
Runaway - IPA
IPA from Runaway Brewery in Manchester. Runaway say: "Our take on a classic West Coast IPA - balancing tropical fruits and bitter, resinous hops with burnt toffee and sweet caramels. Vegan friendly." 5.5% ABV x 330ml bottle ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY...
Pale Ale 6 Pack
Our Pale Ale is a beer for everyday moments, whether it's conversation with friends or quiet relaxation after work, and aims to provide balance between bold flavour and easy drinkability. It's full of rounded tropical fruit flavours with a soft,...
Rock Leopard - Chunk O' Change
West Coast Session IPA
“Shall we play Swapsies? Your hard earned Chunck O’ Change for this moreish West Coast Session IPA.Bright citrus flavours with earthy undertones, aromas of grapefruit, papaya, apple, pine and herbs. Ingredients: Water, Flaked OATS, Flaked WHEAT, Pilsner MALT, Hops (Cascade, Ekuanot, Simcoe), Yeast...
Boundary Brewing Cooperative - Imbongo
Tropical IPA
IPA brewed by Boundary Brewing Cooperative in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Boundary opened in 2015 and is a co-operative brewery owned by its members. This delicious, full-flavoured IPA includes a 16g/l dry hop of Mosaic and Azacca for huge tropical fruit flavours. Boundary's...
The Windows Were Golden
Pale Ale
NZ Crop Year 2020 Series 07
In the early morning light, houses nestled in the hills around Little Kaiteriteri Beach glow bright gold. A short drive north of Riwaka, both a place in New Zealand’s south island and the name of the fragrant hop featured in...
Donzoko - Northern Helles
Unfiltered Pale Lager. Donzoko say: “Our version of a Bavarian Style unfiltered lager. Sweet malt, subtle tropical hops and a crisp refreshing finish.” 4.2% x 440ml * £3.15 from the sale of each can of this beer goes directly to Donzoko.
Runaway - Shandy Panaché: Hoppy Pale x Mango & Pineapple
Soda/beer hybrid from Runaway Brewery and Steep Soda in Manchester. Runaway say: "The latest in our line of experimental, grown-up soda / beer hybrids. We've mixed a crisp, refreshing, hoppy Pale Ale with the intense fruitiness of a Pineapple and Mango soda. It's...
Kulture Bier Pack
Lager 2-Pack
This 2-Pack includes: 1 x 440ml can of Festbier w/ Beer Kulture - Cloudwater Brew Co This traditional decoction mashed Festbier was brewed in kollaboration with Beer Kulture, using an heirloom lager malt. As we celebrate the traditions that came...
Small Pale 6 Pack
This beer combines our love of British beer heritage and the technical challenges of brewing lower-strength beer that's big bodied and full-flavoured. This is a great choice for times when you're taking it easy, but still want a big, hoppy...
Runaway - Winter Saison
Winter Saison from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: Light, dry and spritzy with a hint of spice – this is our take on a classic Belgian saison with a seasonal British twist. Hints of winter berries and subtle citrus. Vegan. 6.3% ABV...
The Bruery - Goses Are Red
Gose-style Ale with Syrah grapes from The Bruery in California The Bruery say: "This is a rosé – and a gose – by any other name. Goses are Red is a stylish funky, crisp and tart gose ale inspired by the...
The Bruery - Ruekeller
Helles Lager from The Bruery in California The Bruery say: Challenging in process, traditional in method. Ruekeller Helles is inspired by old-world brewing techniques in the likeness of the traditional name. We crafted this Helles with the finest of ingredients, the...
Other People Are Not Me
Blended Foudre Beer
A foudre beer with native chuckleberries. The origins of this beer lead us back to our 2017 collaboration with De Garde, a masterful brewery in Tillamook, OR devoted to spontaneous beers. Their house culture, after 30 months and two light...
Boundary Brewing Cooperative - Right Hand Man Back
IPA brewed by Boundary Brewing Cooperative in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Boundary opened in 2015 and is a co-operative brewery owned by its members. IPA with 16 g/l dry hop of Mosaic. 6% ABV - 440ml can * £3.36 from the sale of each...
Boundary Brewing Cooperative - Before You Say Anything, Smell These
Brewed by Boundary Brewing Cooperative in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Boundary opened in 2015 and is a co-operative brewery owned by its members. 8.1% ABV  Citra & Mosaic DIPA. 440ml can * £5.17 from the sale of each can of this beer goes directly...
Light Lager 6 Pack
Effortlessly drinkable, refined refreshment. Our Light Lager is brewed with a small proportion of rice to lighten the colour, flavour, and body, leaving you with a refined beer that’s easy drinking. Perfect for times that require maximum refreshment or considered...
Hoppy Little Lager 6 Pack
Our most approachable and easy-drinking beer takes cues from both our Pale Ale and our Light Lager, to combine bright, zesty, fruity hop flavours with the light drinkability and refreshing qualities of low-ABV lager. A fine thirst-quencher, a delicious pause...
Wylam - Reflections In The Present
Mixed-fermentation Saison. Starting with an undecorated grist of extra pale base malt, oats and wheat flakes producing an uncomplicated structure for a complex build. A free rise fermentation using a classic farmhouse saison strain is then blended with three separate...
Tufts Of Twine In Upper Moutere
NZ Crop Year 2020 Series 08
When the last of the hops are harvested, the cables that held the weight of many hop bines are left punctuated by tufts of twine. Pilsner is a style that provides space to showcase hop varietals that are subtle in character,...
De Garde - Blueberry Premiere
Wild Ale w/ Blueberries
A Spontaneous Wild Ale Aged in Oak Barrels for One Year with Blueberries 8.4% ABV, 750ml bottle ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY
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