I Have Become The Boat
Bold & Juicy DDH IPA
A joyous celebration of Citra and Mosaic hops, a DDH IPA. दान पारमिताशील पारमिताक्षांति पारमितावीर्य पारमिताध्यान पारमिताप्रज्ञा पारमिता dānasīlakhantiviriyajhānapaññā 7.0% ABV, 440ml Can Allergens - Gluten Wheat Barley Oats Vegan friendly
Rock Leopard - Echo Chamber
This beer has all you'd expect from a hazy New England style DIPA: citrus and tropical stone fruit notes and low bitterness.But whilst this beer is busting full of the classic combination of New England hops, craft beer need not...
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