Somewhere Within
Juicy IPA
Bright, juicy and brimming with vibrant fruit flavours, this is both our modern take on a classic style and an expression of our most up-to-date work in hoppy beer. It brings together a blend of our favourite US and New...
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Boundary - Imbongo
Tropical NEIPA
This delicious, full-flavoured IPA includes a 16g/l dry hop of Mosaic and Azacca for huge tropical fruit flavours. Boundary's best-selling beer. 5.5% ABV, 440ml Can ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS Vegan friendly
Boundary Brewing Cooperative - Black Is The Colour
Black IPA
Black IPA brewed by Boundary Brewing Cooperative in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Boundary opened in 2015 and is a co-operative brewery owned by its members. Hop-forward Black IPA with minimal roast character. Juicy, dank and delicious.16 g/l dry hop of Cascade, Chinook,...
West Coast IPA
Allow us to indulge in a spot of California dreaming. Inspired by the modern West Coast beers we delight in drinking, this IPA pops with juicy tropical fruit and citrus flavours, while staying clean, crisp and easy-drinking. Each sip fills...
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I Say We And I Mean You And I Don't Know How
A Double IPA hopped with Motueka, Citra & NZ Cascade. Do not adjust your screens. This is not a test. Open the can. Pour it into a clean glass. Take a momentto yourself, just because. 8% ABV, 440ml Can Allergens -...
Eko Brewery - Haze
New England IPA
We have brewed this New England Style IPA with the addition of coconut palm sugar to pay homage to the ingredients used in the famous African beverage, Palm Wine. 6.5% ABV, 440ml Can ALLERGENS: GLUTEN, WHEAT, BARLEY, OATS, COCONUT PALM...
Queer Brewing - Burst Into Bright
We all burst into bright colours, flowers, sparks from time to time. This beer is for those moments of brightness, vibrance, and joy. Burst Into Bright is our core IPA, hopped solely with NZ Cascade and fermented with the same...
Facade On Soap Street
Single Hop Mosaic DDH IPA
Depending on who you speak to, Mosaic's flavour profile is anything from blueberry and bubble gum to earthy herbs and potent weed. Whatever your opinion on the matter, few hops meld deep fruitiness and satisfying savoury notes in quite the...
Mixed Ferm NEIPA
Collab w/ Stigbergets
Our friends at Stigbergets are famous for their outstanding hazy IPAs but we didn't want to simply settle for the obvious. So, we brewed a modern IPA with an esoteric twist, co-pitching a farmhouse yeast alongside our house, New England-style...
Citra & Idaho 7 DDH IPA
Our double dry-hopped IPAs allow us to explore the upper limits of flavour intensity, offering a rich expression of vibrant hop aromatics. We've taken the ABV up a notch in this recipe to provide greater body and depth, alongside a...
West Coast of Africa IPA
Our West Coast style IPA brewed using Cassava. Hopped with three beautiful South African hops; Southern Aroma, Southern Passion and African Queen. Our IPA offers a perfect balance of unique flavours, aromas and delicious bitterness. 6% ABV, 400ml Can Allergens...
Green Shoots
Collab w/ Yakima Chief Hops
We adore the experience of working with new varieties of hops. Rubbing the sticky flowers between our fingers, inhaling the fresh, vibrant aromas and imagining a beer that will really bring them to life. So we're delighted to work with...
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The Other Shore
West Coast Haze
Sail off into the warm glow of a Pacific sunset. This West Coast riff on our much-loved DDH IPA, I Have Become The Boat, combines clean Californian yeast and a snappy finish with the juicy hop aromatics and a touch...
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I Have Become The Boat
Citra & Mosaic DDH IPA
Join us as we embark on a fantastic voyage. Citra and Mosaic is the quintessential modern hop combination and this DDH IPA sets out to prove exactly why. Wave after wave of succulent tropical and stone fruit flavours roll across...
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Acknowledge This: We Deserve Better
West Coast IPA
IWD Brew
West Coast IPA Brewed on International Women's Day and designed by the women of Cloudwater with help from the wonderful women from across our industry who joined us on the day. It's an ode to the classic West Coast IPAs...
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The Big Boat Pack
This pack contains: 2 x 440ml cans of Cloudwater - I Have Become The Boat, Citra & Mosaic DDH IPA, 7% ABV 2 x 440ml cans of Cloudwater - Bigger Boat, Citra & Mosaic DIPA, 9% ABV 2 x 440ml cans of Cloudwater...
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Basqueland - Imparable
IPA - West Coast
Basqueland Imparable IPA is a West Coast India Pale Ale type craft beer. Medium bodied, fresh and balanced, with a fruity hoppy flavour. The most unstoppable of our classics. 6.8% ABV, 330ml Can ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS  
Basqueland - Manifesto
Manifesto is a declaration of peace, love, harmony and solidarity dedicated to people fleeing the war in Ukraine. The funds obtained from the sale of this beer will be used to purchase basic necessities that will be distributed among refugees...
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Basqueland - Silver Lining
Triple IPA
An immense-bodied silky tropical timbale with layer and layer of aroma arising one after the other: ripe tropical fruit, mango, papaya, with hints of candy and red fruit and an elegant and balanced bitterness. 10% ABV, 440ml Can ALLERGENS: GLUTEN...
Queer Brewing - Glitter Veil
West Coast IPA
  6% ABV, 440ml Can Allergens - Gluten Wheat Barley Vegan friendly
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Green Cheek - Citra!!! It's What We Like Here
West Coast IPA
An awesome example of a punchy West Coast IPA from the West Coast of The USA!This beer was hopped with 100% Citra. Our hand selected lot of Citra from one of our favorite hop growers, @colemanagriculture in Oregon, is especially...
Verdant - 20 Watt Moon
A Strata-packed IPA backed up with a hefty dose of Citra! Dank pine needles on the nose, alongside clean grapefruit and tropical fruit flavours. 6.5% ABV, 440ml Can Allergens - Gluten, Wheat, Barley Vegan friendly
Hackney x Queer Brewing - Ooooh!
Hazy IPA
Brewed for Queer Brewing's 3rd birthday. 6.5% ABV, 440ml Can Allergens - Gluten, Wheat, Barley Vegan friendly  
Pomona Island - That Mood Indigo
Pomona Island say: "You ain’t never been an IPA, till you’ve had that Citra, Talus, Idaho 7 & Simcoe." 6.5% ABV x 440ml can ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS Vegan friendly
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