Step Up
Rich & Roasty Stout
Collab w/ Rock Leopard
Hold on a second! It’s 2022 and we’re not here to talk diversity, we’re here to make a difference. Step Up is a delicious beer that is gonna help change who the beer industry represents, and what it needs to...
from £3.75
My Continuous Improvement - Chocolate Orange
Rich & Fragrant Imperial Stout
Chocolate and orange is a classic flavour combination, but rather than the ubiquitous confectionary orb, think a luxuriant dark chocolate mousse or silky torte infused with fresh, fragrant citrus flavours. A healthy addition of orange zest is the perfect partner...
from £9.00
Session Nitro Stout
Mini but mighty, our Session Stout aims to cram as much body and flavour as we can feasibly muster into a low-ABV beer. A complex blend of malts provides layered richness, complemented by an addition of whole vanilla pods. On...
from £3.25
My Continuous Improvement - Ginger
Imperial Chocolate Stout w/ Ginger
Imagine crystallised ginger dipped in melted dark chocolate. Deliciously deep, bitter cacao balanced by a satisfying sweetness and comforting, spicy warmth. For this edition of our celebrated Imperial Stout, My Continuous Improvement, we supplemented the double-chocolate, double-vanilla base with an...
Barrel Project Christmas Selection Barrel Project Christmas Release 2022
6 Bottles + 30cl Glass
Stout, Hops & Fruit Selection
We are excited to present this year’s Christmas Barrel Project releases to you across these decadent, seasonal and fully developed beers.Each year we combine the best of our brewing, barrels, hops, fine organic fruits, and carefully sourced ingredients to deliver beers that range from...
Sweet Dreams
Rum BA Imperial Stout With Cacao & Vanilla
Time in Rum barrels lends an even greater smoothness to the alreadyvelvety MCI Stout base, resulting in Sweet Dreams, a beer so pillowyit’s like you’re tucked up in bed dreaming of this very moment. Deepdark sugar and a light char...
I Know That You Know
BA Imperial Stout with Single Origin Coffee & Cacao
I Know That You Know is a truly multi-faceted and distinctive stoutblend, bringing together notes of slightly sharp and acidic darkchocolate with the sweetness of berries and vanilla. This has created abeer that is almost wine-like in its character, offering...
Up Front - Volodimir
Whisky Barrel Aged Bragott
Brewed in collaboration with Silver Spoon Meads, Kharvik, Ukraine. A truly unique and extremely limited edition whisky barrel aged braggot/botchet/acerglyn inspired imperial stout. A sweet, rich, and intensely complex stout, brewed with caramelised Scottish heather honey, and pure Canadian maple...
Two Chefs - Rye BA Imperial Stout
330ml Bottle
Imperial Stout aged in Heaven Hill Barrels for 12 months. Pitch black with a white foam. Powerful aromas of cocoa, caramel, coconut, rye, toasted oak and chocolate, finishes with a kiss of oak tannins and a mouth coating richness. Limited...
Mid Winter Sippers
Dark Beer Pack
4-Pack or
4-Pack with glass
We are pleased to present you a small bundle of our stouts and barley wines to warm your soul during the cold winter weather. This pack includes the following 4 x beers: Cloudwater - My continuous Improvement - Chocolate Orange, Imperial Stout 11%...
from £29.60
Two Chefs - Grave Digger
Mexican Chilli Stout
MIXED MEXICAN CHILLI STOUT Ay, caramba! This Mexican-inspired stout is fiercely tasty with a fiery flex. Four types of Mexican chilies and cacao nibs take your taste buds on a loco ride to the underworld. Hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and...
Fresh Off The Line 02
The freshest beers straight off the line from our brewery in Manchester. This week we have some heavy juice for you, fresh from the canning line: 2 x Iridescent, Radler, 2.8% ABV 2 x Double Sixes, DIPA, 8% ABV 2 x Step Up, Stout, 5%...
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