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Cloudwater x Pastore Collab Pack
To celebrate our collab with Pastore, we've brought in some of their awesome sour fruity beers for this pack! This pack contains: 2 x Cloudwater x Pastore - Il Ritorno Del Sole - Sour Fruit IPA, 7.5% ABV 1 x Pastore...
Mixed Ferm NEIPA
Collab w/ Stigbergets
Our friends at Stigbergets are famous for their outstanding hazy IPAs but we didn't want to simply settle for the obvious. So, we brewed a modern IPA with an esoteric twist, co-pitching a farmhouse yeast alongside our house, New England-style...
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Il Ritorno Del Sole
Sour Fruit IPA
Collab w/ Pastore
There are few breweries we'd break our sour hiatus for. But our friends at Pastore produce some of the most exciting and impactful sour beer in the UK, so how could we resist? Our first fresh sour in two years...
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Cloudwater Soda x Queer Brewing - Blossom
Made w/ Saaz Hops
Cloudwater Soda takes delicious ingredients and flavour combinations from the brewery and makes low-calorie sodas with all the flavour of craft, but none of the alcohol. This soda takes inspiration from Queer Brewing Project's Witbier, Flowers. We've taken banana, citrus, coriander...
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Cloudwater Soda x Nanban - Yuzu & Earl Grey
Made w/ Ahtanum Hops
Cloudwater Soda takes delicious ingredients and flavour combinations from the brewery and makes low-calorie sodas with all the flavour of craft, but none of the alcohol. Our good friend Tim Anderson and the team at Nanban have created an exceptional drinks...
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Morning Mist At Fog Lane Park
Smooth & Juicy IPA
Ripe with an elegant, freshly-squeezed fruit character, this IPA blends a trio of hops that combine to provide bright citrus aromatics, beautifully balanced by floral notes and fresh pine. 6% ABV, 440ml Can ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS Vegan friendly
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Nature Is An Upgrade
Citra & Mosaic DDH Pale
This DDH Pale is designed to give the hops plenty of space to shine so we couldn’t resist pairing the two most-talked-about varieties in modern beer. Sit back and enjoy what Citra and Mosaic have to give. 5% ABV, 440ml...
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Just Like It Used To
Citra & Mosaic IPA - Fresh Hops
This fresh hop IPA is an homage to the classic beers that sparked our love affair with modern American hops. Working with our friends at Yakima Chief Hops, we used raw, whole cone Citra and Mosaic, flash frozen following harvest...
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Facade On Soap Street
Single Hop Mosaic DDH IPA
Depending on who you speak to, Mosaic's flavour profile is anything from blueberry and bubble gum to earthy herbs and potent weed. Whatever your opinion on the matter, few hops meld deep fruitiness and satisfying savoury notes in quite the...
Picture A Wave At Reynisfjara
Fresh & Intense TIPA
An unashamed celebration of intense hop aromatics. We layered a selection of classic and modern hops on top of a light malt base, which provides a honey-like, biscuity backbone, to create a West Coast-style Triple IPA that's fresh, smooth and...
A Desert, An Oasis
Clean & Bright Mountain IPA
The Mountain IPA was pioneered by our friends and trailblazers Odell Brewing Co, combining the clean refreshment of a West Coast IPA with juicy hop aromatics and low bitterness. We dry-hopped this take on the style with Chinook and El...
A Choppy Final
DDH Pale
New Season NZ Hops
Nelson Sauvin
This hazy Pale Ale was fermented with a clean West Coast yeast to provide wonderful Nelson Sauvin hops with plenty of space in which to express themselves. We adore the aromatics of tropical fruit, citrus and grape, this famous New...
Brave Noise
Pale Ale
This is our contribution to the Brave Noise initiative, a worldwide collaboration with a big goal. Brave Noise is aiming to help create a safe and discrimination-free industry by encouraging breweries to be transparent about policies for safe spaces and inclusive...
Cloudwater Soda - Red
Alcohol-Free Wine Alternative
We wanted to create something special to capture the relaxation of the wine moment but without the alcohol. We took a small amount of our Chuckleberry Foudre Beer from barrel and blended it with a base of fruits, botanicals, and spices, to transform the liquid...
Behind The Mask
Rich & Smooth Barley Wine
The classic English Barley Wine is an ideal winter warmer. Deep malt flavours slowly unfold with each sip, demanding you take the time to appreciate every nuance. Best enjoyed in front of a roaring fire. 10.5% ABV, 440ml Can Allergens...
From Farm To Glass
American Pale Ale
YCH x Jackson Hop Farm
A celebration of the talented, hardworking hop growers, this fresh, modern American Pale Ale is designed to be exactly the kind of beer they'd relax with after a long day in the field. We worked in collaboration with YCH and...
One Amongst Twelve
Wild Ale w/ Blueberry, Raspberry & Apricot
A beer that captures both time-honoured tradition and ultra-modern intensityof flavour. Aged in foudre nine months before spending a further 18 months inbottle, it combines many of the elements you’d associate with classic wild beer- combining hedgerow notes with funk...
Wise Words Softly Spoken
Wild Ale w/ Cherry & Tonka
A clear follow-on from last year’s Searching For Meaning. Rather thanemploying the process of carbonic maceration used last time round, this wasconditioned on whole, organic cherries in a port barrel, giving it a smoother,more rounded fruit character alongside fascinating nuance...
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Well Rested
Marsala BA American Barley Wine
This American-style Barley Wine takes its lead from the same era as thetwo beers above, but was given an added dimension through a 12-monthageing in Marsala barrels, taking it into the territory of an indulgentdessert wine. You’re drawn in by...
Away From Home
Bretted BA Triple IPA
Similar to The Feeling Of Humanity, this evokes classic West Coast,hoppy beer, while also referencing even longer-standing traditionsthrough its use of Brettanomyces and modern sensibilities via a 30g/ldry hop of El Dorado and Sabro. Flavours of tinned pineapple andcaramel meld...
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The Feeling Of Humanity
BA Imperial IPA
Jump in a time machine and head back to that moment when youfirst enjoyed a classic West Coast Imperial IPA. This strong, hoppybeer, aged in oak for four months and dry hopped with 24g/l ofCentennial and Simcoe, aims to capture...
Based On An Old Fable
Blended BA Imperial Stout
Designed to take you on a journey through our history of Imperial Stouts, this is blended from beer aged up to six years in cognac, bourbon and Ardbeg whisky barrels. It goes back as far as our very first Imperial Stout, running all...
The Edge Of All We Know
Apricot Brandy BA Imperial Stout
w/ Coffee, Cacao, Vanilla & Tonka
Turkish apricot brandy barrels add a unique, deep fruitiness that’sreminiscent of honeyed apricots and pear, alongside a broaderdried fruit character. Coffee and vanilla emerge in the finish,accompanied by lasting notes of malt loaf and a boozy warmth. 10.9% ABV, 375ml...
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Thus We Have Heard
Apple Brandy BA Imperial Stout
w/ Coffee, Cacao, Vanilla & Tonka
The time in apple brandy barrels lends a freshness, not unlike sweetred apple, as well as dark fruit flavours that almost lean towardstangy. In this case, the oak-ageing has helped all of the flavours tobecome smooth and well-integrated with no...
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