Session Nitro Stout
Mini but mighty, our Session Stout aims to cram as much body and flavour as we can feasibly muster into a low-ABV beer. A complex blend of malts provides layered richness, complemented by an addition of whole vanilla pods. On...
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Loose Horse In The Valley
IPA w/ Citra & Galaxy
 Sadly, Sam Amidon will likely never try this beer, but we think if he did he might chuckle at the pulpy overripe fruit cup aromas as they fill the air, before the luscious mango, pineapple and a type of guava...
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Loral and Mosaic Foudre Beer
Extra Hopped, Bretted Foudre Beer
Created using the solera to bring added depth and complexity to our foudre beer series, while retaining fresh vibrancy from the addition of young beer. Dry hopped with 24g/l of Loral and Mosaic Cryo prior to bottling.Best paired with a...
Improvement Works
Modern Barley Wine
We adore the comforting warmth and malt richness of Barley Wine as much as we do the vivid hop expression of a modern TIPA but both elements can also co-exist in fine harmony.The lush citrus and tropical fruit aromatics of...
The Iceberg
A fully-saturated spin on our popular DDH IPA I Have Become The Boat. We've taken all the elements you love in the original and dialled them all the way up to create our richest showcase of Citra and Mosaic hops...
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I've Forgot My Name
A SMOOTH HARMONY OF BRIGHT FRUIT FLAVOURS WITH CREAMY COCONUT NOTES Some things are just meant to go together. And once you’ve experienced the sublime marriage of hand selected Motueka and Sabro in this Double IPA, you’ll wonder how one...
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West Coast DIPA
Idaho 7 Chinook Edition
Crystallography is our tribute to the strong, heavily-hopped West Coast beers that captured our hearts in the early 2000s, combining incredible depth of flavour with effortless drinkability.This twist on the original pairs one of the most impactful modern hop varieties,...
Orange & Passionfruit Breeze
Fruit Sour
Our Breeze series aims to capture the mouthwatering vibrancy of freshly-picked fruit. To get the most out of the fruit additions, we layer them on a soft, smooth base, complemented by fruity aroma hops and an acidity that's tart and...
My Continuous Improvement - Ginger
Imperial Chocolate Stout w/ Ginger
Imagine crystallised ginger dipped in melted dark chocolate. Deliciously deep, bitter cacao balanced by a satisfying sweetness and comforting, spicy warmth. For this edition of our celebrated Imperial Stout, My Continuous Improvement, we supplemented the double-chocolate, double-vanilla base with an...
Acknowledge This: We Deserve Better
West Coast IPA
IWD Brew
West Coast IPA Brewed on International Women's Day and designed by the women of Cloudwater with help from the wonderful women from across our industry who joined us on the day. It's an ode to the classic West Coast IPAs...
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Super Happy!
Pale Ale
Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. This doubled-up version of our modern session Pale Ale will leave you twice as Happy! It retains all the drinkability of the original, while providing an even greater rush of fresh hop...
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Bigger Boat
Citra & Mosaic DIPA
Such is the popularity of our Citra and Mosaic DDH IPA, I Have Become The Boat, we soon realised we were going to need a bigger vessel. So we doubled it up to create a DIPA dripping in juicy tropical...
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The Other Shore
West Coast Haze
Sail off into the warm glow of a Pacific sunset. This West Coast riff on our much-loved DDH IPA, I Have Become The Boat, combines clean Californian yeast and a snappy finish with the juicy hop aromatics and a touch...
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Raspberry & Passionfruit Breeze
Fruit Sour
Fruit Crush Series
Our Breeze series aims to capture the mouthwatering vibrancy of freshly-picked fruit. To get the most out of the fruit additions, we layer them on a soft, smooth base, complemented by fruity aroma hops and an acidity that's tart and...
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Green Shoots
Collab w/ Yakima Chief Hops
We adore the experience of working with new varieties of hops. Rubbing the sticky flowers between our fingers, inhaling the fresh, vibrant aromas and imagining a beer that will really bring them to life. So we're delighted to work with...
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A Herald Of Change and Disruption
IWD Coffee Oatmeal Porter
w/ Girls Who Grind
We've been lucky enough to spend a wonderful day here, brewing with some amazing women and non-binary folk from local indie retailers and hospitality venues.Our first International Women's Day brew of 2022, alongside a special IWD soda, with proceeds from...
Cloudwater Soda - Blueberry, Pear & Ginger
International Women's Day
To mark this year's International Women's Day we are releasing a punchy number using ginger from Root 2 Ginger. This full-bodied soda has fragrant cardamom on the nose, a warming hit of ginger, delicate hints of pear, and tannic blueberry. 50%...
Goodnight Yeast
Extra Special Bitter
A year of celebrating the women behind your beer at Cloudwater. Robyn is our Cellar Manager, find out more about her role below. Goodnight cellar, goodnight lab, goodnight my beloved, bubbling, fermenting tanks full of beer. Soon to be a...
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Hopfenweisse has become a real celebratory style for us. Not only because it was vital to our early work in pushing the boundaries of hop-forward beer but also as a signifier of our love for both traditional beer culture and...
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And Relax

Table Beer
We've always relished the challenge of seeing how much flavour we can pack into a super low ABV beer, finding the right balance between body, drinkability and intense hop aromatics. This Table Beer is a step lower in strength than...
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Behind The Mask
Rich & Smooth Barley Wine
The classic English Barley Wine is an ideal winter warmer. Deep malt flavours slowly unfold with each sip, demanding you take the time to appreciate every nuance. Best enjoyed in front of a roaring fire. 10.5% ABV, 440ml Can Allergens...
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Session Pale Ale
This modern, low-ABV Pale Ale is designed to make you want to return time and time again. Bright, fresh hop aromatics are allied with a smooth body and a finish that's dry but still lets those juicy flavours linger long...
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