Side By Side ... [Strata DIPA] ... [Collab w/ Highland Park]

Side By Side
Strata DIPA
Collab w/ Highland Park


Tasting Notes: Super juicy clementine & pineapple flavours, with a dank hop character striking through.

It's fair to say we have a bit of a thing for hops, and so do our friends from Highland Park Brewery in Los Angeles. So, for our first collaboration, we decided to brew an all-Strata DIPA simultaneously at both locations, using the same recipe bar one key change - each brewery used their own hand selected hops.

This features crop year 2020 Strata from Indie Hops.

8% ABV, 440ml Can


Vegan friendly

Side By Side ... [Strata DIPA] ... [Collab w/ Highland Park]
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