Goodnight Yeast
Extra Special Bitter
A year of celebrating the women behind your beer at Cloudwater. Robyn is our Cellar Manager, find out more about her role below. Goodnight cellar, goodnight lab, goodnight my beloved, bubbling, fermenting tanks full of beer. Soon to be a...
from £4.50
Somewhere Within
Juicy IPA
Bright, juicy and brimming with vibrant fruit flavours, this is both our modern take on a classic style and an expression of our most up-to-date work in hoppy beer. It brings together a blend of our favourite US and New...
from £5.00
With Open Arms
Bright & Herbal Pilsner
Collab w/ G.L.O.W.
A collaboration with G.L.O.W., who exist to break stigmas surrounding women in the beer industry. No gender roles or special treatment, just equality and respect.Funds raised from the sale of this beer will be sent to Refugee Action, a charity...
From Farm To Glass
American Pale Ale
YCH x Jackson Hop Farm
A celebration of the talented, hardworking hop growers, this fresh, modern American Pale Ale is designed to be exactly the kind of beer they'd relax with after a long day in the field. We worked in collaboration with YCH and...
A Wave In The Marlborough Sounds
DDH Pale
New Season NZ Hops
Rakau & Waimea
There is a flavour intensity to our DDH Pales, this one hopped with hand-selected Rakau and Waimea, that we find affirming, yet also mellow and relaxing. A beer not confined by strength and good judgement to the shortest of measures,...
Facade On Soap Street
Single Hop Mosaic DDH IPA
Depending on who you speak to, Mosaic's flavour profile is anything from blueberry and bubble gum to earthy herbs and potent weed. Whatever your opinion on the matter, few hops meld deep fruitiness and satisfying savoury notes in quite the...
Classic Lager
Filtered water, Germany’s finest Pilsner malt, Bavarian lager yeast, and classic German hops in a beer style that leaves no room for error with no bold flavours to mask mistakes or imbalance. This Helles is not just a nod to...
from £3.50
Clear Break
West Coast Pale
Inspired by the classic Pale Ales of America's West Coast, with a subtle modern twist. This is an exercise in balance, drinkability and sheer ease of enjoyment. Fresh, vibrant hop aromatics find equilibrium alongside a clean, dry and lightly bitter...
from £4.25
Mixed Ferm NEIPA
Collab w/ Stigbergets
Our friends at Stigbergets are famous for their outstanding hazy IPAs but we didn't want to simply settle for the obvious. So, we brewed a modern IPA with an esoteric twist, co-pitching a farmhouse yeast alongside our house, New England-style...
Clean & Crisp Pilsner
Combining time-honoured techniques with new world hops, this Pilsner pays respect to the trailblazers who laid the foundations for the scene we love today, while celebrating the energy and vibrancy of modern brewing. Hand selected Motueka and Pacifica from New...
Tufts Of Twine In Upper Moutere
When the last of the bines have been harvested, the cables that held the weight of many bines are left punctuated by tufts of twine.Pilsner is a style that provides space to showcase hop varieties that are subtle in character,...
Hopfenweisse has become a real celebratory style for us. Not only because it was vital to our early work in pushing the boundaries of hop-forward beer but also as a signifier of our love for both traditional beer culture and...
from £5.75
Cloudwater Soda - Strawberry & Lime
Made w/ Strata Hops
Cloudwater's 7th Birthday
To celebrate Cloudwater's 7th birthday we've made a soda that's all about the vacation vibes, fresh strawberry with a twist of bright lime and strata hops. Picture strawberry daiquiri with your feet up by the pool. Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Strawberry Puree (30%),...
from £3.25
Citra & Idaho 7 DDH IPA
Our double dry-hopped IPAs allow us to explore the upper limits of flavour intensity, offering a rich expression of vibrant hop aromatics. We've taken the ABV up a notch in this recipe to provide greater body and depth, alongside a...
Cloudwater Soda - Raspberry & Rhubarb Lemonade
Made w/ Belma Hops
We originally released this soda as a special in celebration of International Women’s Day. So many of you asked for us to bring it back that we decided to make it a regular feature. Think traditional lemonade meets tart raspberry...
from £3.00
Mess Is Just A Sign Of Life
Session Nitro Stout
Collab w/ Boundary
How has it taken us seven attempts to get to this point? For our seventh collaboration with Belfast's finest, Boundary Brewing Cooperative, we've finally brewed a wee session-strength Stout, ideally paired with nights full of the Craic. 3% ABV, 440ml...
from £3.25
A Herald Of Change and Disruption
IWD Coffee Oatmeal Porter
w/ Girls Who Grind
We've been lucky enough to spend a wonderful day here, brewing with some amazing women and non-binary folk from local indie retailers and hospitality venues.Our first International Women's Day brew of 2022, alongside a special IWD soda, with proceeds from...
Green Shoots
Collab w/ Yakima Chief Hops
We adore the experience of working with new varieties of hops. Rubbing the sticky flowers between our fingers, inhaling the fresh, vibrant aromas and imagining a beer that will really bring them to life. So we're delighted to work with...
from £6.00
Chubbles II - Discovering Pilsengris
Collab w/ The Veil
8% ABV, 440ml Can Allergens - Gluten, Wheat, Barley Vegan friendly
Raspberry & Passionfruit Breeze
Fruit Sour
Fruit Crush Series
Our Breeze series aims to capture the mouthwatering vibrancy of freshly-picked fruit. To get the most out of the fruit additions, we layer them on a soft, smooth base, complemented by fruity aroma hops and an acidity that's tart and...
from £6.00
The Other Shore
West Coast Haze
Sail off into the warm glow of a Pacific sunset. This West Coast riff on our much-loved DDH IPA, I Have Become The Boat, combines clean Californian yeast and a snappy finish with the juicy hop aromatics and a touch...
from £5.75
I Have Become The Boat
Citra & Mosaic DDH IPA
Join us as we embark on a fantastic voyage. Citra and Mosaic is the quintessential modern hop combination and this DDH IPA sets out to prove exactly why. Wave after wave of succulent tropical and stone fruit flavours roll across...
from £6.00
Bigger Boat
Citra & Mosaic DIPA
Such is the popularity of our Citra and Mosaic DDH IPA, I Have Become The Boat, we soon realised we were going to need a bigger vessel. So we doubled it up to create a DIPA dripping in juicy tropical...
from £6.50
Low-ABV Pale Ale
This modern, low-ABV Pale Ale is designed to make you want to return time and time again. Bright, fresh hop aromatics are allied with a smooth body and a finish that's dry but still lets those juicy flavours linger long...
from £3.25
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