The Feeling Of Humanity ... [BA Imperial IPA] ... [375ml]

The Feeling Of Humanity
BA Imperial IPA


Jump in a time machine and head back to that moment when you
first enjoyed a classic West Coast Imperial IPA. This strong, hoppy
beer, aged in oak for four months and dry hopped with 24g/l of
Centennial and Simcoe, aims to capture all the nostalgic charm of
that experience, down to the caramel notes resulting from oxidisation
during the short spell in barrel. Waves of pine resin, marmalade,
tangerine and grapefruit are underpinned by caramel sweetness and
rounded off by a crisp, dry finish punctuated with orange peel
and a long, resinous bitterness.

8.4% ABV, 375ml Bottle

Allergens - Gluten Wheat Barley

Vegan friendly

The Feeling Of Humanity ... [BA Imperial IPA] ... [375ml]
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