Wise Words Softly Spoken ... [Wild Ale w/ Cherry & Tonka] ... [750ml]

Wise Words Softly Spoken
Wild Ale w/ Cherry & Tonka


A clear follow-on from last year’s Searching For Meaning. Rather than
employing the process of carbonic maceration used last time round, this was
conditioned on whole, organic cherries in a port barrel, giving it a smoother,
more rounded fruit character alongside fascinating nuance drawn from the oak.
In a more modern twist, we used tonka beans to add brightness and accentuate
the almond-like flavours of the cherry stones. It pops with fresh cherry and
cherryade, intertwined with funky, farmhouse notes and followed by a soft
marzipan character. Firm sourness is balanced by a prominent minerality and
dry finish packed with blackcurrant-esque tannins.

6.5% ABV, 750ml Bottle

Allergens - Gluten Wheat Barley

Vegan friendly

Wise Words Softly Spoken ... [Wild Ale w/ Cherry & Tonka] ... [750ml]
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