Gosnells of London mead
Race Your Own Heart
A Blend of Mead & Belgian Triple w/ Chuckleberries
In our second collaboration with  Gosnells Meadery, we blended half-and-half Gosnells’ Mead with our strong Belgian Tripel and then fruited with fresh chuckleberry. This braggot showcases an elegant floral and honey mead character, subtle spiciness from the belgian triple, and a punchy and tangy berry finish with refreshing drinkability....
£18.00 £15.00
Gosnells - Hibiscus mead
Gosnells say: "Made with European Blossom Honey jam-packed with a truckload of dried Hibiscus flowers.This is our only pink mead! The hibiscus gives a tart jammy, fruit flavour before leading to a dry, almost cranberry-like finish." 4% ABV,  Allergens - Honey...
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