A soft and hazy take on a popular, classic style. Juicy, soft, and bursting with tropical fruit flavours, this hazy IPA showcases a blend of bold hops and aromatic yeast against a big body from high protein malts, replicating the...
The Light Grey One
Nelson & Citra DIPA. Both legs together, The click, click of sixteen nails.Warm pads on cold stone. 8% ABV 440ml ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS 
West Coast IPA
The West Coast IPA is a modern classic that changed perceptions of what beer could be, and paved the way for today's craft beer scene. Our own approach is informed by experiences working with trailblazing brewers and diving deep into...
Just The Right Shape
Mosaic Single Hop IPA
Crop Year 2019 Series - 12
For many people, the past few months have shattered norms, leaving only fragments of our previous lives.With some patience and with something beautiful in mind we can align these fragments into something delightful. With time and a small change in...
Rock Leopard - Distant Cousin Of A Mu Mu Cat
Rock Leopard Brewery What's this all about? Well, nobody knows or nobody is talking. What they sometimes talk about though, is a distant cousin of the legendary Mu Mu Cat. Apparently, they even had something to do with the invention...
That Which You Earn/Yearn For 4 Pack
Join us in a side-by-side experiment focused on our delicious hops. These two beers are almost identical but have one subtle difference. One is hopped with standard Mosaic, and one with an organic variant of the hop. This pack includes...
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