Squawk - Passer IPA
An IPA from Squawk Brewing Co. in Manchester. Loaded with Citra and Amarillo. With a soft haze and full-on crushed pineapple and grapefruit, Passer will take you on a free trip to taste town. 6.1% ABV, 440ml can. * £3.38...
Squawk - Muta
Once again we're pushing our hop boundaries with tons of Mosaic cryo and Citra hops. From the dense haze emerges a sharp, sweet and pulpy mouthfeel with layer upon layer of tropical fruit. 8.1%, 440ml can * £4.50 from the...
Squawk - Bower
Rammed with a bounty of headline hops: Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Eldorado. Think mangoes, peaches and piney resinous notes. Light bitterness and oats make it refreshing and moreish. 4.6%, 440ml can * £3.00 from the sale of each can of...
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Track - Sonoma
Sonoma is a juicy, bright, Pale Ale. Hopped extensively with Centennial, Citra and Mosaic hops at flame out & dry hop. Designed to be a taste of sunshine with citrus fruit aroma and finish. 3.8% ABV x 440ml can  ...
Squawk - Sasin
A Low-ABV Pale Ale from Squawk Brewing Co. in Manchester. For the extended session, the weeknight and the discerning imbiber we've got a beer that will shock and delight. A low ABV with all the hop character and mouthfeel you...
Runaway - IPA
IPA from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: "Our take on a classic West Coast IPA - balancing tropical fruits and bitter, resinous hops with burnt toffee and sweet caramels. Vegan friendly." 5.5% ABV x 330ml bottle ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS  *...
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Track - Half Dome
An American Pale Ale brewed by Track Brewing Co. of Manchester. A super fruity American style Pale Ale. Crisp notes of Pineapple and Mango. A complex malt bill to give body and a beautiful yellow colour - hopped with Galaxy, Citra...
Runaway - Pale Ale
Pale Ale from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: "Our trademark Pale Ale – crisp, light and refreshing, packed with US hops for a citrus led, balanced bitter finish. A modern day Mancunian classic. Vegan friendly." 4.7% ABV x 330ml bottle ALLERGENS:...
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Runaway - Gari Gose (collab w/ Umezushi)
Gose from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: "A Japanese inspired German gose made with sushi rice, wah plum, Kombu and fresh ginger. An umami, and fruity sour delight, with a subtle salty finish. Originally brewed in collaboration with sushi masters Umezushi. Vegan."...
Runaway - Yuzu Sour
Yuzu Sour from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: Low strength, high flavour, Berliner Weiss inspired sour, brewed with a big hit of Yuzu (Japanese Citrus Fruit) for friends at Chish and Fips – a crisp, sharp, and refreshingly balanced sour. Vegan. 2.8%...
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Runaway - Rhubarb Spritz
Rhubarb Spritz from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: Fermented with a Beaujolais wine yeast, and freshly pressed Forced Yorkshire rhubarb this spritzy seasonal beer is secondary conditioned with a champagne yeast for a clean, crisp finish. Vegan. 5% ABV x 330ml bottle...
Wander Beyond - Storm Kats (w/ Brouwerij Kees)
Wander Beyond say: Brewed with our friends at Kees brewery in the Netherlands, Storm Kats is a straight imperial porter. Brewed with eight different malts and added honey, Storm Kats has rounded flavours of chocolate, honey, sweet toffee and light...
Runaway - Summer Saison
Saison from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: "Light and refreshing, our summer saison is a classic take on the style. Clean and crisp with a dry, lemony finish. Vegan friendly." 4.2% ABV x 330ml bottle ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS  * £2.25...
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Wander Beyond - Rhumba
Wander Beyond say: Rhumba is a 6.9% IPA brewed with Chinook and Simcoe hops. We've changed our processing techniques to extract more juicy flavours from the hops whilst moderating the bitterness. 6.9%, 440ml can
Runaway - DIPA
DIPA from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: "A full-flavoured, robust West Coast IPA with a chewy malted mouthfeel and a juicy, resinous hop hit to showcase the quality of every ingredient. Full bodied and satisfying. Vegan friendly." 7.2% ABV x 330ml bottle ALLERGENS:...
Runaway - Oolong Blond (collab w/ Canton Tea)
Blonde Ale from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: "A Belgian Blonde brewed with Honey Orchid Oolong Tea. Created together with Manchester Art Gallery, and Canton Tea. The subtle sweet honey notes from the Oolong and gentle sweetness of the beer go hand...
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Wander Beyond - Eye of the Storm
Wander Beyond say: Our third breakfast stout, Eye of the Storm has been cleanly fermented to 12% whilst still delivering punchy coffee and sweet maple flavours on a sweet and chocolatey base beer. A sweet and rich treat! 12%, 440ml...
Runaway - Dry Irish Stout
This is a Dry Stout from Runaway Brewery in Manchester. Runaway say: "Smooth dry stout packed with roasted malts with hints of chocolate and dark coffee. A beautifully simple, but complex beer at a really drinkable strength. Contains Lactose." 4.5%...
Runaway - ESB
Extra Special Bitter from Runaway Brewery in Manchester. Runaway say: "British classic, jazzed up with specialty Belgian malts.  Toffee and dark caramels are balanced beautifully with the aroma and flavours of rich dried fruits. A great cheese pairing. Vegan." 5.8% ABV...
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Wander Beyond - Pineapple Plod
Pineapple Plod is Wander Beyond's take on a German classic. Amped up to 10% and loaded with 250g/l pineapple our slightly tart and salty Gose delivers a light and dry, yet highly drinkable pineapple punch. 10%, 440ml can
Runaway - Blackbird Imperial Stout (w/ Squawk)
Blackbird Imperial Stout from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: "Decadent, rich and comforting with hints of liquorice and a dark chocolate finish. Collaboration with our friends at Squawk Brewery to celebrate our 5th Birthday in May 2019. Vegan." 9.5% ABV x 330ml...
Runaway - Table Beer
Table Beer from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: "Our take on a best bitter – low strength, but beautifully balanced and full of flavour. Hopped with Styrian Wolf and light enough to drink all day long. Vegan." 2.9% ABV x 330ml...
Runaway - Viennese Waltz
Fruited Farmhouse from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: A full flavoured amber lager, designed to drink alongside Hawksmoor’s infamous Chicken Poutine Barm. Sweet malts balanced with the earthy spice of noble hops and bready lager yeast. All about balance. 5% ABV x...
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Taste of Manchester Pack 2: Hop Around
Get a taste of a great selection of beers from some of Manchester's excellent independent breweries with this Taste of Manchester Pack. Taste of Manchester Pack 2: Hop Around, features 7 different beers from Runaway Brewery, Pomona Island, Mobberley Brewhouse,...
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