Allagash - Nancy
Wild Ale w/ Cherries
Nancy is a tart ale fermented with fresh, Maine cherries and Brettanomyces in 100% stainless, for just shy of a year. Copper in color, Nancy has an aroma of cherries, bread crust, and a touch of cinnamon. It features a...
Allagash - Neddles 2016
Rum BA Wild Ale
Neddles begins as a traditional sour brown ale brewed with a blend of pilsner, Munich, Special B, and caramel malts with an additional touch of flaked maize. American ale yeast takes care of primary fermentation before we add Pediococcus and...
Allagash - James & Julie
Sour Brown Ale
James and Julie is our take on a Flemish Sour Brown and offers an aroma of raisins, figs, cherries, and caramelized sugar. Mahogany in color, this medium bodied ale finishes with a clean acidity and a hint of spice. We...
Allagash - I Believe In Love
Sour Ale w/ Raspberries & Cranberries
Better philosophers than we have pondered the question: what is love? Is it the way we feel about this beer’s robustly tart and fruit-filled flavor? Is it the effect of the beer’s stunning ruby color thanks to the fresh, local...
Allagash - Monmouth Red
Brandy BA Flanders-Style Red Ale
Monmouth Red is our take on a traditional Flanders-style Red, which we then age in American apple brandy barrels. The finished beer is deep burgundy in color with aromas of dark fruit and coconut. Notes of cherry, strawberry, and vanilla...
Allagash - Evora
Brandy BA Golden Ale
Evora is a golden-hued sour ale with aromas of tropical fruit, honey, and spice. Citrus, oak, and earthiness dominate the beer’s tart and balanced flavor. We ferment Evora in stainless steel with a classic Belgian yeast strain before moving it...
Allagash - Astrid
Astrid is a bright golden color with assertive aromas of spice, bread crust, apple, and fennel seed. Citrus, oak, and anise give way to warm vanilla notes followed by a slightly tart finish. We brew this saison with Pilsner, raw wheat, and...
Allagash - Coolship Proxima
BA Blended Spontaneous Ale
Coolship Proxima is a celebration of local flavor. In making this spontaneously fermented beer, we send the wort out to a large, shallow vessel called a coolship. As it cools, the wort is inoculated with wild yeast and souring microbiota...
Allagash - Coolship Clermont
Bourbon BA Spontaneous Ale
This spontaneously fermented beer gains a unique profile thanks to its time in bourbon barrels. After allowing the wort to rest overnight in our coolship—a room-sized rectangular pan—we ferment and age it in bourbon barrels rather than the more traditional...
Allagash - Coolship La Mûre
Spontaneous Ale w/ Blackberries
This blend of spontaneously fermented beer is aged on blackberries. We begin brewing Coolship la Mûre with Pilsner malt, 40% raw wheat, and aged whole-leaf hops. The unfermented wort is then transferred to a large shallow pan called a coolship,...
Allagash - Barrel & Bean
Bourbon BA Golden Ale w/ Coffee
Barrel & Bean starts its life as our Tripel—a Belgian-style golden ale. We age that beer in bourbon barrels for just shy of two months, before blending it with cold-brewed coffee from Speckled Ax, a Maine coffee roaster. The sun-dried...
Allagash - Curieux
Bourbon BA Golden Ale
Aging our award-winning golden ale in freshly emptied bourbon barrels layers the beer with notes of vanilla, caramel, oak, and a hint of bourbon. First brewed back in 2004, Curieux remains our most popular barrel-aged beer. To make this beer,...
Allagash - Tripel
Belgian-Style Golden Ale
This golden ale carries notes of passion fruit and honey in the aroma. A suggestion of biscuit is found in the beer’s varied palate. Brewed with our 2-row barley blend, hopped with Nugget and Hallertau, then fermented on our house...
Allagash - Little Grove Blackcurrant
Sparkling Session Ale w/ Blackcurrants
You’ll find refreshment wherever there’s a Little Grove Blackcurrant. This beer is full of light, bright, slightly tart, and super-sessionable flavor. At 100 calories, it has just what you need to perk up that picnic, refresh that rooftop party, or...
Allagash - North Sky
Like a clear night lit by stars, this silky Belgian-inspired stout balances light notes of fruit and sweetness with roasty malt. Inspired by late evenings spent around a crackling campfire, North Sky is brewed to merge lightness and darkness into...
Allagash - River Trip
Belgian-Style Table Beer
A companion to backyards, backwoods, and balconies alike. River Trip is a low-ABV, Belgian-style table beer with hop-forward grapefruit and stone fruit notes. It’s brewed with local grains and spiced with coriander for an extra hint of citrus. Dry hopping...
Green Cheek - Don't Tell Science
Collab w/ Bagby Beer Co
Czech-Style Lager
10° Czech-style Lager It’s a proud moment for our little brewery to collaborate with the absolute legend that is Jeff Bagby (aka THE BAGBY, aka The STEAL TRAP, aka THE ALPHA KING) of @bagbybeer !!! This little Pilsner finds its...
Green Cheek - Another Lager For Sam
German-Style Schwarzbier
Some call him The Lager Lad, others The Pils Titan, but for the rest of us, he just goes by Sam. Sam has been asking us to make a Schwarzbier for waaaaaay too long, and so we finally made his...
Crowns and Hops - Beat Messenger
A Pilsner from Crowns and Hops 5% ABV, 473ml ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS
Crowns and Hops - BPLB
HenHouse - Honest Day's Work
Red Rye Saison
Red Rye Saison by HenHouse, California. 7.0% ABV 473ml Can An Honest Day’s Work Rye Saison is brewed with rye malt and crystal rye malt, and sports a beautiful tawny amber color. Saison yeast paired with Saaz hops creates a...
HenHouse - Juiced!
Blackberry and Lemon Gose
Gose with Lemon & Blackberries from HenHouse, California. 4.5% ABV 473ml Can HenHouse's Juiced! beers are light and lovely, made with fun fruit purees that play perfectly with Juiced!’s tartness and approachable ABV. You’ll taste a dash of sea salt that smooths...
HenHouse - Stoked! Mosaic
Pale Ale
A Pale Ale, featuring Mosaic hops from HenHouse, California. 5.5% ABV 473ml Can Stoked! is our rotating single-hop Pale Ale and this version features Mosaic! It has some notes of bright passion fruit & guava with a hint of danky good...
Trillium - Fated Farmer Apricot
Wild Ale w/ Apricots 330ml
Our Fated Farmer Series is a landmark step toward realizing our foundational vision for Trillium: Build a place that intuitively celebrates the intersection of New England farming, agriculture, brewing, and integrated community experience. The grist of each of the dynamic...
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