We, You, And Us
Bright & Smooth DDH Pale
Do not panic.We are now transmitting at a lower frequency.The broadcast continues with the third in our series of beers centred on the combination of Citra, Motueka and NZ Cascade hops. 5% ABV, 440ml Can ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS...
Sail Smooth, Friends
Riffing on Be Well, Friends - one of our most popular releases of 2020 - this DDH IPA aims to showcase the full breadth of delicious and distinctive aromatics provided by New Zealand hops. It uses the same seven varieties...
Citra Nectarine Foudre Beer
Nectarine & Citra Foudre Beer
Aged 12 months in foudre and conditioned on second-use nectarines. To complement the bright, juicy fruit character, this Wild Ale was dry hopped with 20g/l of Citra prior to bottling. Best paired with a small selection of fermented foods. Made with...
Apple Culture Pale
Capturing the subtle complexity, juiciness and easy drinkability of a low-intervention table cider, this Pale Ale was fermented in red wine barrels with a wild apple culture. Conditioned in bottle for 18 months. Best paired with contemplating the endless unknowns of...
Living Up To Names
Wild Ale w/ Nectarines
This Wild Ale was aged for two-and-a-half years in foudre before conditioning on 1kg/l of whole, organic nectarines. The fruit was opened up through carbonic maceration for a fresh, vivid flavour expression. Gentle carbonation accentuates a rich acidity. Best paired...
Smooth & Juicy TIPA
Our Triple IPAs are all about deep, succulent fruit flavours so, this time round, we wanted to create an experience akin to freshly-cut pineapple chunks and sweet, juicy pineapple cups. We selected three hops known for their pineapple character -...
Adorned Tributary
Blended Wild Ale with Cherries, Chuckleberries and Tonka
Our reimagination of a classic Belgian Kriek, respectfully created using modern techniques. A blend of beer aged up to four years in both foudre and red wine barrels, conditioned on sour cherries, chuckleberries and tonka beans. Best paired with single...
Together Again
Blended Wild Ale with Cherries, Raspberries and Grapes
Fresh and juicy in the style of a young Beaujolais wine, this is a blend of beer aged up to four years, conditioned on raspberries, cherries and Muscat grapes. Best paired with vibrant and energetic food and fine jazz. Made...
Sold Out
Side By Side
Strata DIPA
Collab w/ Highland Park
Tasting Notes: Super juicy clementine & pineapple flavours, with a dank hop character striking through. It's fair to say we have a bit of a thing for hops, and so do our friends from Highland Park Brewery in Los Angeles. So, for our...
A Barn In Edale Valley
DDH IPA Waimea & El Dorado
We took the recipe for our popular DDH Pale, The Little Pumphouse At Kinder Reservoir, and upped both the strength and the hopping rate to create a beer that's brimful with bright, juicy flavours of lime, orange, nectarine and pear....
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