Allagash - Tripel
Belgian-Style Golden Ale
This golden ale carries notes of passion fruit and honey in the aroma. A suggestion of biscuit is found in the beer’s varied palate. Brewed with our 2-row barley blend, hopped with Nugget and Hallertau, then fermented on our house...
Allagash - Barrel & Bean
Bourbon BA Golden Ale w/ Coffee
Barrel & Bean starts its life as our Tripel—a Belgian-style golden ale. We age that beer in bourbon barrels for just shy of two months, before blending it with cold-brewed coffee from Speckled Ax, a Maine coffee roaster. The sun-dried...
Allagash - Kurkuma
Saison w/ Turmeric
Turmeric, or “kurkuma,” adds a hint of spice to this tropically crisp, saison-style ale. Brewing with the whole root lends all of the subtle aspects of fresh turmeric—its earthy notes and color—to Kurkuma’s dry and refreshing profile. 5.3% ABV, 473ml...
Trillium - Daily Serving: Tropical Punch
Sour Ale w/ Guava, Passionfruit, Mango, Pineapple & Lime
Daily Serving was born out of our desire to express intense, saturated fruit character in beer form. After thoughtful experimentation with Permutation 6.47 and 6.51, we found that the German Berliner Weisse style, with its delicate, yet fluffy mouthfeel and...
Blackberry Farm - Sorgho Noir
Belgian Strong Dark Ale
Belgian Strong Dark Ale. Blackberry Farm say: Brewed in collaboration with our friends at MadTree Brewing, Sorgho Noir is a dark, moody, steely Belgian Strong Dark Ale crafted with Tennessee-grown barley and Muddy Pond Sorghum syrup. 8.6% ABV, 750ml Bottle ALLERGENS:...
Allagash - Evora
Brandy BA Golden Ale
Evora is a golden-hued sour ale with aromas of tropical fruit, honey, and spice. Citrus, oak, and earthiness dominate the beer’s tart and balanced flavor. We ferment Evora in stainless steel with a classic Belgian yeast strain before moving it...
Duration x Verdant - Dropped Limb
Rustic Saison
Rustic saison experimenting with logs added in the coolship to bring aged oak depth. Tart & dry leading to ripe umami & citrus pith, with a light funk. Collaborative brew with our Cornish friends at Verdant saw us experimenting with...
Tillingham - White 2019
White Wine
White wine made with six grape varieties. The six different varieties were all crushed and destemmed with a small amount of maceration prior to pressing. About half of the Müller had more extended skin contact. Each variety was fermented separately...
Modern Times - Palace Of Paper Sacks
Nectarine Sour
For Palace of Paper Sacks, we set aside a few barrels of our white wine barrel-aged sour blond and stuffed each one with 50 pounds of local, heirloom nectarines. After months of mingling in the barrel, the resulting beer is...
Queer Brewing x Abbeydale Brewery - Glory! Glory!
Hibiscus Saison
A collaboration between Queer Brewing and Abbeydale Brewery. A special collaborative beer to celebrate inclusivity in our industry. A tart, fruity and gently spicy saison with hibiscus and pink peppercorns, brewed in collaboration with Out & About Sheffield and Queer Brewing....
Duration - Bet The Farm
Farmhouse Pale
Tropical fruits on the nose with a very light hay funk that leads into dry and light vanilla oak tannins. Medium body, full mouthfeel after 13 months in foeder. Many months ago we pulled up sticks to move to the countryside...
Tillingham - Endgrain 2019
White Wine
Skin contact white wine that uses an experimental approach - blending different grapes that have been subject to a variety of techniques, such as direct press, skin-maceration in whole bunches, ageing in both wooden and steel vessels and lees stirring...
Boon - Oude Geuze
Oude Geuze Boon is a monument of taste with an alcohol content of 7%. It’s a magnificent blend of 90% mild 18 month-old lambic, 5% strong 3 year-old beer and 5% very young lambic, which provides fermentable sugars and wild...
The Veil - Blu
Mixed-Ferm Saison w/ Blueberries
Mixed-Ferm Saison w/ Blueberries. In late 2018 we brewed a very simple beer of 2-row barley, some flaked barley, and Saaz hops. It fermented warm with a mixture of Saison yeast, wild yeast, and our house culture then sat and...
The Veil x Fonta Flora - River Of Wolves
BA Blended Barleywine
BA Blended Barleywine w/ Fonta Flora. we blended 13-month-old bourbon & Cognac aged Velvet River (a collaboration beer with Fonta Flora) and 16-month-old bourbon & Cognac barrel-aged Circle of Wolves! Still with us? We then conditioned the blend on raisins,...
Boundary Brewing Cooperative - Raise A Glass To Freedom
Passionfruit Sour
Brewed by Boundary Brewing Cooperative in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Boundary opened in 2015 and is a co-operative brewery owned by its members. A Berliner Weisse kettle soured with our House Lactobacillus culture then fermented with All the Passionfruit. 4.7% ABV, 440ml...
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