Runaway With Me
Runaway Six Pack
Take some time and get to know our friends and neighbours Runaway Brewery. Based just across town, they're known for creating wonderfully clean, precise and easy-drinking beers with admirable consistency. From fruited sours to classic farmhouse ales and bright hoppy beers,...
DDH Pale 6 Pack
Our Double Dry Hopped Pale is brewed to soup up your downtime by delivering the hop flavour intensity of our DIPAs at a moderate ABV. Doubling our standard Pale Ale's 8g/L dry-hopping rate to 16g/L delivers a bold, juicy, hazy,...
Pale Ale 6 Pack
Our Pale Ale is a beer for everyday moments, whether it's conversation with friends or quiet relaxation after work, and aims to provide balance between bold flavour and easy drinkability. It's full of rounded tropical fruit flavours with a soft,...
Small Pale 6 Pack
This beer combines our love of British beer heritage and the technical challenges of brewing lower-strength beer that's big bodied and full-flavoured. This is a great choice for times when you're taking it easy, but still want a big, hoppy...
West Coast IPA 6 Pack
The West Coast IPA is a modern classic that changed perceptions of what beer could be, and paved the way for today's craft beer scene. Our own approach is informed by experiences working with trailblazing brewers and diving deep into...
Step Up 6 Pack
Hold on a second! It’s 2020 and we’re not here to talk diversity, we’re here to make a difference. Step Up is a delicious beer that is gonna help change who the beer industry represents, and what it needs to...
IPA 6 Pack
IPA 6 Pack
A soft and hazy take on a popular, classic style. Juicy, soft, and bursting with tropical fruit flavours, this hazy IPA showcases a blend of bold hops and aromatic yeast against a big body from high protein malts, replicating the...
Hoppy Little Lager 6 Pack
Our most approachable and easy-drinking beer takes cues from both our Pale Ale and our Light Lager, to combine bright, zesty, fruity hop flavours with the light drinkability and refreshing qualities of low-ABV lager. A fine thirst-quencher, a delicious pause...
That Which You Earn/Yearn For 4 Pack
Join us in a side-by-side experiment focused on our delicious hops. These two beers are almost identical but have one subtle difference. One is hopped with standard Mosaic, and one with an organic variant of the hop. This pack includes...
Meet The Bruer
The Bruery Five Pack
This beer pack showcases a selection of absolutely delicious beer from our friends at The Bruery. Based in Orange County, California, The Bruery are renowned for their creativity, imagination and excellence in barrel-ageing, and this pack highlights the breadth of...
Crop Year 2019 4 Pack
This four-pack is a joyous celebration of some of our favourite, hand selected Crop Year 2019 hops. We've poured a significant amount of our passion, expertise and time into selecting hops that will excite, delight and occasionally surprise you. It makes us proud...
DIPA Selection 6 Pack
Get a proper flavour of Cloudwater's higher ABV offerings with this selection pack showcasing our current Double IPA offerings. This pack includes the following two beers: 3 x The Light Grey One, 8% - Bold and flavoursome, hopped with Citra and Nelson Sauvin....
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