Allagash Gift Pack ... [6 Pack + Glass]

Allagash Gift Pack
6 Pack + Glass


Allagash is quite simply one of the most important breweries in modern craft beer.

Established in 1994, they blazed a trail that many others have since followed, introducing classic, Belgian-inspired beers to a modern American audience.

Few can match the experience and knowledge possessed by these incredible folks from Portland, Maine and they were one of the first US brewers to create spontaneously-fermented beers. What's more, these beers were so good that they quickly won the respect of the Belgian masters creating Lambic and Geuze.

This pack provides a rich selection of beer from their wonderful barrel programme.

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This pack includes a 47cl glass with 6 bottles of:

  • Allagash - Coolship La Mure, 6.2% BA Spontaneous Ale with blackberries, 375ml bottle
  • Allagash - Barrel & Bean, 10% Bourbon BA Golden Ale with coffee, 355ml bottle
  • Allagash - Coolship Clermont, 7.6% Bourbon BA Spontaneous Ale, 375ml bottle
  • Allagash - Coolship Red, 6.2% BA Spontaneous Ale w/ Raspberries, 375ml bottle
  • Allagash - Fox Leap, 8.4% Sour Cherry Ale, 375ml bottle
  • Allagash - Coolship Proxima, 7.5% BA Blended Spontaneous Ale, 375ml bottle
  • Cloudwater 47cl Craft Master Glass - Black Logo
Allergens - Gluten Wheat Barley Oats 
Vegan friendly

Allagash Gift Pack ... [6 Pack + Glass]
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