Trillium Fated Farmer Mega Gift Pack
5 Pack + Glass


Our friends at Trillium make some of the most elegant and well-composed Wild Ales we've had the pleasure of enjoying.

Their approach to these beers is holistic, drawing on everything the surrounding New England countryside has to offer them, and combining modern techniques with time-honoured tradition.

This pack is perfect for someone who has appreciation for Wild Ales and mixed fermentation, showcasing the best of Trillium's Fated Farmer series in a 750ml bottle range.

Original Retail Price £132!

This pack includes a 48cl glass with 5 x 750ml bottles of:

  • Trillium - Fated Farmer Peach, 6.1% ABV  Wild Ale with peaches
  • Trillium - Fated Farmer Nectarine, 6.6% ABV Wild Ale with nectarines
  • Trillium - Fated Farmer Asian Pear, 6.9% ABV Wild Ale with Asian pears
  • Trillium - Fated Farmer Plum, 6.9% Wild Ale with plums
  • Trillium - Fated Farmer Cranberry, 6.8% ABV Wild Ale with cranberries
  • Cloudwater Barrel Project 48cl Glass 

Allergens - Gluten Wheat Barley Oats 

Vegan friendly

Trillium Fated Farmer Mega Gift Pack ... [5 Pack + Glass]
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