Rock Leopard - Echo Chamber
This beer has all you'd expect from a hazy New England style DIPA: citrus and tropical stone fruit notes and low bitterness.But whilst this beer is busting full of the classic combination of New England hops, craft beer need not...
Rock Leopard - Savage Scene
Inner City Pale Ale
Fresh & Piney with a modest bitter finish. Just how we like our west coast pales in the big smoke. Inner City Pale - It’s a good life. Water, Pale Malt, Caramalt, Flaked Wheat, Oat Malt. Hops (Mosiac, Cascade & MandarinaBavaria)....
Rock Leopard - Next To A Mountain
Who was it that said, ‘When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace’? Well, whilst we try and figure that out, we hope you enjoy this slight return to pay homage to what...
Rock Leopard - Type Here To Search
West Coast IPA
Type here to search and you will find our interpretation of a classic old-school West Coast IPA. Hop forward, dank, citrusy, dark stone fruit and pine. Delivered with a restrained but noticeable bitterness and a clean finish. Hops: Chinook, Loral...
Rock Leopard Glass
A beer glass from Rock Leopard.  *Not dish washer safe - please wash by hand.*
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