Runaway - Summer Saison
Saison from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: "Light and refreshing, our summer saison is a classic take on the style. Clean and crisp with a dry, lemony finish. Vegan friendly." 4.2% ABV x 330ml bottle ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS  * £2.25...
Runaway - Blackcurrant Blush
Blackcurrant Sour from Runaway Brewery Runaway say: "The latest in our series of super light, fruit blush beers, inspired by German Berliner Weisse but replacing the fruit syrup with real fruit. In this case, we've added 60kg of British Blackcurrants to give...
Runaway - American Brown Ale
American Brown Ale from Runaway Brewery in Manchester. Complex brown ale with caramel, burnt toffee and coffee notes, hints of pine and sweet, summer fruit. A complex bitter finish is provided by classic west coast US hops. The most underrated style of beer...
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