Sonnen Hill - Altro
North American Pils
Altro is a North American Pils that we made with Volo. Brewed with barley and some flaked corn, and hopped with Sterling hops from Oregon, this one goes down easy. There are delicate hop aromas of geranium, light peach and lemon. The body...
Sonnen Hill - Standard
Mixed Culture Pale
A pale beer brewed with Ontario grain and aged in our American oak foeder with a mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria. Standard is can conditioned and will age gracefully, but it's also a delight when drunk fresh. Passionfruit...
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Sonnen Hill - Monty
BA Blended Saison w/ Cherry
Monty is a blend of oak- and stainless-aged beers rested on Ontario Montmorency cherries for three months. The base beers were fermented with a mixed culture, and brewed with lots of malted wheat from Barn Owl Malt and raw spelt...
Sonnen Hill - Cuvée Spiff Spiff
Blended Saison
A special blend of mixed culture saison, spontaneous beer and Riesling. A celebratory beer with prickly bubbles, lots of Riesling spice, some funky pineapple and dried lemon peel. A pleasant acidity and a creamy finish that reminds us of a...
Sonnen Hill - Lager Beer
Classic drinking beer brewed with German pilsner malt and hopped with Hersbrucker and Saphir. Honey and biscuity malt flavours and aromas with light hoppy aromas. It's dry and oh so smooth. 4.8% ABV, 473ml Can Allergens - Gluten, Wheat, Barley Vegan friendly
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Sonnen Hill - Pollen
Oak-aged Saison with dandelion flowers. 3.8% ABV x 750ml bottle
Sonnen Hill - Lil Spiffy
BA Saison
Lil Spiffy (batch two) is a saison brewed with our friend Richard Preiss from Escarpment Laboratories. It was made with all Ontario grains, fermented with a mixed culture and aged in our Lil Spiffy oak barrels. Bright oak, tangy pineapple, and...
Sonnen Hill - No Worry (Batch 2)
BA Blended Hoppy Saison
No Worry (batch two) is a blend of a spelt saison aged in oak for 16 months and a hoppy saison aged in stainless for 10 months. Bottle conditioned. Aromas of dried plum skin, starfruit and a touch of earth,...
Sonnen Hill - Local Spiff
BA Saison
Saison brewed with ingredients exclusively from Ontario. Pretty cool, eh? The grains used were Barn Owl's pils and wheat and K2 Milling's unmalted spelt. The hop variety used was Cascade from Hayhoe Hops in Aylmer, ON. It was fermented and...
Sonnen Hill - Lightly
Oak Aged Blended Saison
Lightly is a wine beer made by blending oak-aged saison with oak-fermented Chardonnay. The base saisons were made with Ontario grain and aged in both American and French oak, and the Niagara Chardonnay was spontaneously fermented in a French oak...
Sonnen Hill - Apple Beer
Saison w/ Apples
A blend of barrel-aged and fresh saison aged on wild apples foraged from our farm. Bottle conditioned.A subtle saison with aromas of fresh apple and light flavours of apple skin and hay. Gentle acidity, soft tannins and a smidge of...
Sonnen Hill - Pale Beer
Blended Grisette
A blend of our foeder beer and a hoppy spelt grisette aged in stainless steel for many months. This batch was brewed with all Ontario grain and dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Motueka.There are flavours and aromas of lime...
Sonnen Hill - Riesling Beer
Blended Wine Beer w/ Riesling & Oak-Aged Saison
This wine beer was made by blending oak-aged saison with Riesling from Hinterland Wine Company. The result is a product that blurs the lines between wine and beer.  Classic Riesling aromas of apple, pear, and pineapple. Light American oak, a...
Sonnen Hill - Spontaneous
Coolship Beer
Spontaneous is our first coolship beer, brewed way back in September 2018. The base beer was made with aged and fresh hops and raw wheat from Barn Owl Malt in Belleville, ON. After brewing, we let it cool naturally in...
Sonnen Hill - Berliner Borage
Tart wheat ale w/ Borage
Made with all Ontario grain (70% wheat malt and 30% pils malt), lightly hopped and rested on fresh borage leaves from our garden. Fermented with a mixed culture and aged in French oak.A super delicate beer with light acid, sweet...
Sonnen Hill - So & So
Oak-Aged Hoppy Saison
So & So is a saison made with Ontario grain, hopped with Citra and Huell Melon, fermented with a mixed culture, and aged in French oak puncheons. A blend of two barrels, this batch is bubbly and bone dry with...
Sonnen Hill - Barb
Saison w/ Rhubarb
Barb is a blend of oak-aged and hoppy saisons from 2019 conditioned on fresh rhubarb stalks for three months. All of the grain used in this beer was grown in Ontario and the rhubarb is from a farm around the...
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