Duration - Shifting Baseline
Pale Ale
We believe fermentation is behind the next evolution in modern beer. Check out how our house strain delivers wonderful stone fruit esters and a luscious mouthfeel to perfectly compliment the mango notes of the Mosaic hops. Duration are here to...
Duration - You End Up Where You Were
Table Beer
Is anything finer than gathering round the table to break bread? The connections we make melt away differences making any place feel like home. This table beer is meant for such occasions, finding familiarity and communality on the road. Because...
Duration - Bet The Farm
Pale Ale
A Continental Pale from Duration, King's Lynn. 'Our award winning hoppy Continental pale is crisp, dry and elegantly balanced. Lightly floral with a refreshingly hop bitter finish. Enjoy a silky mouth feel and fruit esters from co-pitched yeast strains. A rustic...
Duration - Concrete Realities
An IPA from Duration, King's Lynn. 'A sparked imagination will transcend even the most brutal environment. Like the skater who bends their will to master a new trick, this West Coast IPA exists beyond concrete realities. A simple malt bill, new hops and dry hopping regimes deliver...
Duration - Doses
A Classic Wit from Duration, King's Lynn. 'Need a simple beer for straight up refreshment? This classic German Pilsner is invigorating, deliciously dry and floral. Clean and crisp with accentuated German hops Doses is a bigger follow up to Small Doses...
Duration - Dripping Pitch
West Coast IPA
A West Coast IPA from Duration, King's Lynn. 'Dripping Pitch is a decades long experiment on the flow of a highly viscous liquid. Some would say IPA has also become a decades long experiment changing and flowing with our taste and...
Duration - Lean Into Fear
New England IPA
A New England IPA from Duration, King's Lynn. 'Follow the Turtles and swim out past the reef. Fruity yeast esters mingle in the deep waters with pineapple, citrus and light resin from Idaho 7 and Azacca hops. Venture beyond to discover...
Duration - Little Fanfare
A Classic Wit from Duration, King's Lynn. 'Enjoy a wave of satisfaction with this spritzy thirst quencher and salute another day done. Nothing rewards putting in the hours like a little fanfare of refreshment dancing over your tastebuds. Dry, light and...
Duration - Quiet Song
Wit Bier
A Classic Wit from Duration, King's Lynn. 'There are just 12 notes between any octave, then the octave repeats. All any artist can offer this world is how they see those 12 notes. That's it. Having something to say and a...
Duration - Turtles All The Way Down
Pale Ale
An American Pale Ale from Duration, King's Lynn. 'Turtles All The Way Down has pronounced hops and a rounded body with soft bitterness. “ If the beer world is balanced on the back of a giant hop, what supports that hop? “...
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