How do I receive the discount?

Across Cloudwater venues, we adhere to Council and Fire Service Capacity rules, to keep everyone safe and comfortable. If you have visited one of our venues when it was at full capacity, you will receive a flyer with a discount code, offering a free drink on us.  This code can be redeemed either on our Online Shop, or in the venue! 

The code will apply a 100% discount to the first Cloudwater item added to cart, 1 item only of a value that is less than £7. If you would like to choose which beer is discounted, add that item to cart first before continuing the rest of the order.

This code will not provide you with free shipping, our standard free shipping policy will apply to any orders for this promotion (free shipping in mainland UK for orders over £50, and over £60 in Northern Ireland).

This code can be only used once by each customer. The expiration date for these codes will be on the flyers.



How do I receive the discount?

Register as a customer on our online shop with your work e-mail.
Our system is automatically tagged to provide a discount on Cloudwater single cans and bottles with these e-mail suffixes: , , .

You must make an account and be signed in before adding items to your Cart. 

If for some reason the automated code fails and you are using one of the e-mail addresses above, enter in the code CLOUDWATERLOVESNHS if you are using an NHS e-mail account.


All of these offers do not apply to guest beers or packs on our shop, nor does it apply to our merchandise items.

These offers do not stack on any other discounts or offers available on our online shop. The NHS Discount won't apply to beers from our Barrel Programme.


We have been experiencing issues with some customers using our discount codes in the check out and have contacted the developers to see how this issue can be rectified, providing a smooth check out experience to our customers. 

As a result, we’d recommend for our customers using the Shop Pay app to ensure they’re on the most recent OS version on whatever device they’re using as a basic precautionary measure.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused. We really appreciate any feedback you provide us with our website not functioning the way we would like it to. We constantly look into ways how to improve your customer experience.

If you have further questions about delivery, please refer to our Shipping FAQ.

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