As a heartfelt thank you to NHS staff and key workers who are part of our government, police, public broadcast service and educational institutions engaged in testing, antibody, and vaccine research and development during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are offering 25% off on Cloudwater’s beer and soda.



How do I receive the discount?

Register as a customer on our online shop with your work e-mail.
Our system is automatically tagged to provide a discount on Cloudwater beverages with these e-mail suffixes:



Key Workers:

You must make an account and be signed in before adding items to your Cart. 

If for some reason the automated code fails and you are using one of the e-mail addresses above, enter in the code CLOUDWATERLOVESNHS if you are using an NHS e-mail account, CLOUDWATERLOVESKEYWORKERS if you are using an e-mail in the Key Workers list. 

If you are a key worker that doesn’t have an e-mail covered by the above e-mail suffixes, we regret that we currently cannot extend our discount scheme at this time. Should this change in the future, we will be updating this page with more information. 

What is my discount good for?

Your 25% off discount is good for all Cloudwater beers and sodas, including our Signature Beers, our One-Offs, and our Collaborations.

This offer does not apply to guest beers on our shop, nor does it apply to our merchandise items.

This offer does not stack on any other discounts or offers available on our online shop.

If you have further questions about delivery, please refer to our Shipping FAQ.

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