As of 21 July 2020, we will no longer be operating with the Smile Rewards scheme on the Cloudwater Online Shop.

When we first added Smile Rewards to our online shop, the world was much different to the one we currently find ourselves in. During the months of COVID-19 imposed lockdown, as an independent business that was heavily reliant on the hospitality trade prior to March 2020, we needed to strongly pivot towards our online shop in order to continue brewing beer for you to drink and enjoy.

With our online shop, not only do we support the livelihoods of our employees, but we now support other breweries and independent businesses, not only by purchasing beer from fellow breweries who have also been impacted by COVID-19, but also retailing their products for them on their behalf, giving them all but a small percentage of the purchase price of the beer so they can keep going. We have also partnered with local restaurants and street food traders impacted by the threat of coronavirus, delivering their meal packs and featuring them in special events. 

We want to make sure that we can continue to support them in the unknown future, as well as ensure that we continue to provide an excellent online retail service for you at home, and of course, make beer. The Smile Rewards scheme is no longer fit for the online shop we now have, nor the realities we now face as a company and as a team. Therefore you will no longer be able to accrue points onto your Smile account.

The points aren’t going away just yet. You will have until 31 December 2020 to use the points earned onto your account. After that, they will no longer be accessible or usable on the Cloudwater online shop.

As always, we thank you for choosing to shop online with us, and we hope you will continue to enjoy shopping with us in the future.

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