Winter Lager Pack ... [Mixed 6-Pack]

Winter Lager Pack
Mixed 6-Pack


 A varied selection of modern lagers from Cloudwater and friends.

This Winter Lager pack includes the following 6 beers:

  • 1 x 440ml can of - Cloudwater x Deya - I Forgot Your Snapback, No-Hop Lager 5% ABV - It’s Fizzy. It’s Yellow. It’s Beer. It’s Fizzy Yellow Beer! but not as you know it! Working with the good people at Deya, we took our patented recipe for Fizzy Yellow Beer! and improved it, replacing the hops with a secret blend of six different herbs and roots. Lagered for three months, it’s as crisp as frozen Seabrooks and as refreshing as ‘oooooh, yeah, that hits the spot’, as it disappears in just a few sips. Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • 1 x 440ml can of Cloudwater - Helles, 4.5% ABV Lager - One of our greatest technical brewing challenges lies in presenting Manchester's water, Germany's finest pilsner malt. Bavarian lager yeast, and classic German hops in a beer style that leaves no room for error, with no bold flavours to mask mistakes or imbalance. Malty yet crisp, delicate and refined, this Helles is a nod not just to German brewing, but to traditional beers the world over. A beer for talking over, and reflecting on its subtle nuances.
  • 1 x 440ml can of Cloudwater - Festbier, Lager 5.8% ABV -This traditional decoction mashed Festbier was brewed in collaboration with Beer Kulture, using an heirloom lager malt. As we celebrate the traditions that came before us, we also celebrate the new traditions that we will create together as a community.
  • 1 x 473ml can of Crowns and Hops - Beat Messenger, 5% ABV Pilsner.
  • 2 x 440ml cans of Eko Brewery - Eko Gold, Lager 4.9% ABV - Our craft lager brewed with just the right amount of coconut palm sugar. Paying homage to the ingredients used in the famous African beverage, Palm Wine.


Vegan friendly

Winter Lager Pack ... [Mixed 6-Pack]
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