Buy The NHS A Pint

Buy The NHS A Pint


To show gratitude to our NHS heroes, we've joined up with nine other independent breweries from across the UK as part of a scheme that allows you to buy NHS staff a well-earned drink.

Our friends at Gipsy Hill set up the scheme as a way we could all make a little difference. As small, independent brewing businesses, we don’t have an abundance of PPE or raw materials to donate, and feel we can’t do much to help except keep providing beers to all of you.

With your help, we can get a drink into the hands of someone who’s really earned it. If you buy the NHS a 'pint' on any participating brewery’s webshop, we’ll make sure that a drink gets into the hands of a well deserving NHS worker once we come off lockdown. It’s a pay-it-forward scheme that will benefit small business as well as those that deserve our thanks.

The scheme has brought together a group of breweries to try and geographically represent the country so you can give to the area you most want to support NHS staff in a post-pandemic world: Fyne Ales (Scotland), Wylam (North East), Cloudwater (North West), North Brewing Co (Yorkshire), Verdant, and Left Handed Giant (South West), Deya (West Midlands), Duration (East Anglia), Gipsy Hill (South East) and Boundary (Northern Ireland). 

Each “Buy the NHS a Pint” bought on our webshop will be used to create a tab at our Unit 9 and 73 Enid Street tap rooms - all donations will add directly to this tab. Then, as soon as we’re open again, anyone from the NHS and by extension any volunteer signed up to help, can pop in, show their ID and redeem their drink.*

Thank you in advance. Together we’re stronger and we will get through this. In the meantime: stay safe, stay home, stay positive and save lives.

*This drink will be served in the standard measures used at our tap room, dependent on beer style.

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