Allagash - Coolship Proxima ... [BA Blended Spontaneous Ale] ... [375ml]

Allagash - Coolship Proxima
BA Blended Spontaneous Ale


Coolship Proxima is a celebration of local flavor. In making this spontaneously fermented beer, we send the wort out to a large, shallow vessel called a coolship. As it cools, the wort is inoculated with wild yeast and souring microbiota in the Maine air.

For the next two years, the beer ferments and ages in three barrels, one previously used for New England Distilling rum, one for New England Distilling rye whiskey, and the other a new oak barrel made nearby in South Portland, Maine. After blending, Coolship Proxima is filled with complex notes of apricot, delicate funk, oak, and spirits.

7.5% ABV, 375ml Bottle

Best before: 22/1/2025


Vegan friendly

Allagash - Coolship Proxima ... [BA Blended Spontaneous Ale] ... [375ml]
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