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4 Bottles + New 30cl Glass


For our latest Barrel Project showcase, we're taking a trip to the pub down at the end of Memory Lane.

All four of the beers in this set are inspired by British pub classics - the type of experiences that first ignited our own love for beer and have been critical in shaping the country's beer scene.

At a time of great uncertainty, they're also designed to provide warm comfort through a sense of nostalgia, bringing back fond memories of time spent in your favourite watering holes and enduring moments forged with good friends.

Seasonality sits at the heart of our approach to barrel-aged beer, so these creations have also been designed with the summer months very much in mind.

They're perfect for enjoying in warm temperatures, drawing inspiration variously from the European strong lagers that took Britain by storm in the 80s and classic pub 'cocktails'.

Buy this pack and then join us from 7pm on Wednesday July 28th for an event hosted by barrel lead Lee and our founder Paul, exploring the concepts behind the beers and reminiscing about times spent in perfect pubs.

It includes four beers, as well as a special, limited-edition glass tankard.

This pack includes the following beers:

  • 1 x 375ml bottle of Cloudwater - The World As We Know It Oak Matured Helles Bock, 8% ABV
  • 1 x 375ml bottle of Cloudwater - Whispers In A Crowded Room Brett Lager with Lime, 3.7% ABV
  • 1 x 375ml bottle of Cloudwater - Going FurtherA Blend of Barrel-Fermented Cider & Lager, 7% ABV
  • 1 x 375ml bottle of Cloudwater - From Afar, BA Strong Lager, 6.5% ABV
    • 1 x 30cl Mini Tankard Glass with Gold Cloudwater Logo


    Vegan friendly

    Please Note

    We are hand wrapping each bottle and glass carefully.


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