Oktoberfest Pack
with Branded Cloudwater Katoberfest Glass Tankard


We’ve brewed four German-inspired beers especially for the occasion. Beers that draw heavily on tradition and demonstrate beauty in simplicity.

They are:

Märzen. A rich, elegant lager that’s become synonymous with Oktoberfest. Its deep, complex malt expression is accentuated by delicate hopping, and a clean, dry finish ensures effortless drinkability.
Schwarzbier. A classic dark lager, it balances rich, roasty flavours of coffee and chocolate with a dry finish and restrained hop bitterness.
Weiße. Creamy and smooth yet always effortlessly drinkable. A fabulously aromatic style, blending notes of banana and clove with bright citrus, white bread and vanilla.
Hopfenweisse. Where Weissbier meets IPA. We adore the interplay between fruity, modern hops, aromatic yeast and a smooth, creamy body.

This Pack Includes:


  • 1 x 440ml can of Cloudwater - Märzen, 5.3% ABV Malty Amber Lager
  • 1 x 440ml can of Cloudwater - Hopfenweisse, 6.0% ABV Hoppy Wheat Beer
  • 1 x 440ml can of Cloudwater - Schwarzbier, 5.4% ABV Roasty Black Lager
  • 1 x 440ml can of Cloudwater - Weiße, 5.5% ABV Aromatic Wheat Beer
  • 1 x 500ml bottle of Schremser -  Märzen, 5.1% ABV Amber Lager
  • 1 x 500ml bottle of Hacker Pschorr - Märzen, Oktoberfest Amber Lager


  • 1 x Half Pink Glass Tankard with Limited Cloudwater Katoberfest logo. 


Oktoberfest Pack ... [with Branded Cloudwater Katoberfest Glass Tankard] ... [7-Pack]
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