Conditions of Possibility ... [Grisette] ... [Collab w/ Crafted For All] ... [4-Pack]

Conditions of Possibility
Collab w/ Crafted For All


A bright, refreshing Grisette that combines notes of tangy lemon and orange boiled sweets with warm allspice, sage and lemon balm, underpinned by lightly sweet white dough. Ideal for garden beers with friends.

This collaboration took root during a moment of discord and division, despair and disillusionment—a time during which the simple gesture of sharing a beer was a challenge.

In crafting this beer, we found peace in acknowledging the connections and coincidences that shaped our shared moment.

We are reminded that nothing is inevitable and that we can engineer positive change if we create the right conditions of possibility. What possibilities will you nurture?

4.2% ABV, 440ml Can x 4


Vegan friendly


Conditions of Possibility ... [Grisette] ... [Collab w/ Crafted For All] ... [4-Pack]
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