Fruity & Funky Pack ... [6-Pack]

Fruity & Funky Pack


A varied selection of fruity and funky beers from Cloudwater and friends.

This 6 pack includes the following:

  • 1  x 375ml bottle of Cloudwater - My Poems Are Not Poems, 5.6% ABV Blended Foudre Beer w/ Chuckleberries & Plums - This beer is a blend of two foudre beers, one flavoured by an extended steeping of chuckleberries, and the other by macerating freshly-harvested plums for three months. This combination adds a breadth of flavour, without adding weight.
  • 1  x 375ml bottle of Cloudwater - Smiles Through The Ages, 7.6% ABV Armagnac Aged Dubbel - Rich, complex malt flavours meld with fruity yeast esters to create an experience that is indulgent but still finely balanced. Our take on a classic Belgian Dubbel, infused with spirit notes after a short spell in Armagnac casks to provide roundness and an even greater level of depth, knitting together the different elements.
  • 1  x 473ml can of Modern Times - Fruitlands, 4.8% ABV Gose w/ Passionfruit & Guava - Fruitlands is tart, fruity, & frighteningly delicious. The sour, salty base beer lays down the funky refreshment, while a heavy dose of passion fruit and guava turns the whole thing into a wall-to-wall tropical fruit fiesta. It’s a marvelous mix of elements that collides with your mouth like a fruit-filled asteroid of flavor traveling at the supersonic speed of party.
  • 1  x 355ml bottle of Allagash - Curieux, 10.4% ABV Bourbon BA Golden Ale - Aging our award-winning golden ale in freshly emptied bourbon barrels layers the beer with notes of vanilla, caramel, oak, and a hint of bourbon. First brewed back in 2004, Curieux remains our most popular barrel-aged beer. To make this beer, we age our Tripel in bourbon barrels for approximately seven weeks. After that time is up, we blend the barrel-aged beer with a portion of fresh Tripel, to bring out the beer’s notes of passion fruit and honey. The result is a flavorful and multi-layered ale with a crisp, dry finish.
  • 1  x 355ml can of Allagash - Little Grove: Blackcurrant, 4.5% ABV Sparkling Session Ale -You’ll find refreshment wherever there’s a Little Grove Blackcurrant. This beer is full of light, bright, slightly tart, and super-sessionable flavor. At 100 calories, it has just what you need to perk up that picnic, refresh that rooftop party, or amplify your afternoon. We add blackcurrant during brewing to blend fruit flavor with one of our favorite Belgian-style yeast strains. Full of balanced, light, and blackcurrant-y flavor, this Little Grove is ready to spring up wherever you happen to plant yourself.
  • 1  x 355ml bottle of Allagash - Tripel, 9% ABV Belgian-Style Golden Ale - This golden ale carries notes of passion fruit and honey in the aroma. A suggestion of biscuit is found in the beer’s varied palate. Brewed with our 2-row barley blend, hopped with Nugget and Hallertau, then fermented on our house yeast, Tripel offers up a complex, yet dry finish.


Vegan friendly


Fruity & Funky Pack ... [6-Pack]
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