Helles ... [Classic Lager]

Classic Lager


Filtered water, Germany’s finest Pilsner malt, Bavarian lager yeast, and classic German hops in a beer style that leaves no room for error with no bold flavours to mask mistakes or imbalance.

This Helles is not just a nod to German brewing but traditional lager beers the world over. A beer for talking over, or quietly reflecting on its subtle nuances.

4.5% ABV, 440ml Can

Aroma & Flavour: Subtle notes of fresh white bread, zesty lemon and light herbal accents
Body: Medium body, with moderate carbonation and a crisp finish
Aftertaste: Soft and delicate, with lingering malt accents and low bitterness


Vegan Friendly

COD 02/03/2022 BBE 02/03/2023
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