Matter Of Fact ... [Loral Single Hop IPA] ... Crop Year 2019 Series - [08]
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Matter Of Fact
Loral Single Hop IPA
Crop Year 2019 Series - 08


By the time hops reach the pelletisation plant, they’ve been tended to in fields, picked, transported, stripped, separated, dried, bailed, transported again, and often cold stored in a queue for the pellet plant.
Some large breweries take full bales, but many others, like us, rely on smaller packaging formats.
The bales are heavy, but the masterful application of just the right amount of force, and the anticipation of tipping points, makes loading them into the pellet plant look easy.

6.0% ABV 440ml

Aroma & Flavour: Gently swirl the glass and inhale both quickly and deeply through your nose. Take several mouthfuls, swirl in your mouth, taste and experience the smell upon exhalation

Body: Evaluate the texture of the beer in the mouth, the thickness, carbonation, and smoothness as you swallow

Aftertaste: Note lingering flavours and sensations in the mouth after drinking


Matter Of Fact ... [Loral Single Hop IPA] ... Crop Year 2019 Series - [08]
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