The Many Who Have Done This Before ... [Pale Ale]

The Many Who Have Done This Before
Pale Ale


Our industry is built on the efforts of smart, skilled women. From the Sumerians who can justifiably claim to be the very first brewers to the 15th century Brewsters, and now the incredible women contributing so much to modern beer, whether as brewers, bar staff, scientists or field workers. This beer celebrates them all. Created to mark the International Women's Collaboration Brew Day 2020, it's a Sabro and Motueka dry-hopped Kölsch inspired Pale Ale developed by a talented group of women from the Cloudwater team and the wider industry.

5.0% ABV 440ml

Aroma & FlavourTop notes of coconut, underpinned by a smooth, subtle malt profile, and followed by emerging notes of tangy lemon and lime

Body: Light-bodied with a clean, crisp finish

Aftertaste: Herbal, minty flavours, accompanied by a touch of lemon zest


The Many Who Have Done This Before ... [Pale Ale]
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