The Veil - Blu ... [Mixed-Ferm Saison w/ Blueberries] ... [750ml]

The Veil - Blu
Mixed-Ferm Saison w/ Blueberries


Mixed-Ferm Saison w/ Blueberries.

In late 2018 we brewed a very simple beer of 2-row barley, some flaked barley, and Saaz hops. It fermented warm with a mixture of Saison yeast, wild yeast, and our house culture then sat and conditioned for about 20 months in those barrels.

Blueberries felt right for this one so we blended the barrels onto over 1800g/L of whole fruit. Packaged in blue 750ml bottles with matching wax. Perfectly balanced impressions of blueberry skin, blueberry juice, pomegranate juice, and blueberry wine.

7.9% ABV, 750ml Bottle


Vegan friendly

The Veil - Blu ... [Mixed-Ferm Saison w/ Blueberries] ... [750ml]
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