Who Turns The Wheel
BA Imperial Stout with Vanilla


Port, Whisky, & Bourbon BA Imperial Stout

A complex Imperial Stout created in celebration of our 8th birthday.

Using three separately barrel-aged iterations of our My Continuous Improvement Stout from Port, Single Malt Whisky and Jim Beam Bourbon barrels, we have have created a Stout blend that is layered and refined.

Each barrel contributes distinctive elements to the blend - Bourbon adds notes of spiced caramel, Port adds deep sweetness while  the Single Malt adds a well-rounded warmth.

Made with time and love at Cloudwater.

 11.4% ABV, 375ml Bottle

Allergens - Gluten, Wheat, Barley, Oats

Vegan friendly 

This beer is included in the Good Stuff - February box.


Who Turns The Wheel ... [BA Imperial Stout with Vanilla] ... [375ml]
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