New Normal
Citra & Strata DDH IPA
That trusty old favourite Citra might not seem like the ideal partner for everyone’s new favourite, Strata. Although both of these hop varieties are intensely characterful, they still mesh beautifully in a riot of overripe tropical fruit, juicy citrus and...
Tilt Your Head Back And Relax
Dank & Juicy DDH IPA
DDH Double Dank IPA. Showcasing a blend of our dankest modern hops. The trees may be blushing at our inaction over the climate emergency, but we’d rather fancy they are showing off once more before their winter’s rest, after a...
High Beam
Bright & Juicy DDH Pale
Recreating the flavours of our TIPA Elevationism at a far more moderate strength, this DDH Pale features three hop varieties known for their bright and juicy pineapple character, Chinook, El Dorado and Simcoe. 5% ABV, 440ml Can Allergens - Gluten...
Fresh Off The Line 10
All New Releases This Week
This pack contains the following beers fresh off the line from our brewery in Manchester: 2 x High Beam - DDH Pale, 5% ABV 2 x How Wonderful! - Pale Ale, 3.7% ABV 1 x Tilt Your Head Back And...
Fresh Off The Line 11
All New Releases This Week
This pack contains the following beers fresh off the line from our brewery in Manchester: 3 x High Beam - DDH Pale, 5% ABV 3 x How Wonderful! - Pale Ale, 3.7% ABV 3 x Tilt Your Head Back And...
Dank Is Short For Danke
Double Dank DIPA
This is a rebrew of a popular DIPA exploring dankness, featuring dank hops.Dank is an abbreviation of Danke, and in English it means “thank goodness there are hops that smell like armpits, cat wee you kinda want to drink, weed, and...
Simcoe DDH IPA
The fourth in our series of beers demonstrating the beauty of Simcoe, a hop that has traversed the spectrum of modern IPA, from classic West Coast to contemporary haze bombs. Its balance of juicy pineapple and apricot with dank pine...
Waiting For Lift-Off On Mam Tor
Single Hop Citra TIPA
Thanks to its consistency and versatility, Citra often acts as a solid foundation in our beer, working well alongside other hop varieties. But this is our most intense and full-flavoured presentation of Citra, allowing those delicious flavours of juicy mango...
Cloudwater x Track - Piccadilly Lawn Club
West Coast Pale
5L Mini Cask
A West Coast Pale brewed with our old pals at Track, to welcome them to the neighbourhood. Best paired with a Cloudwater glass. Mini Cask Instructions: Settle for 24 hours Store at 10-12° for conditioning Serve at 4-8° Serves around...
from £25.00
Welcome To The Neighbourhood, Track!
Manchester Mixed Pack
A BIG pack to celebrate our old pals at Track, opening their brand new tap room on Piccadilly Trading Estate! Welcome To The Neighbourhood! We can't wait to drink your beers from the source again. This pack contains the following 7 beers:...
I Have Become The Boat
Bold & Juicy DDH IPA
A joyous celebration of Citra and Mosaic hops, a DDH IPA. दान पारमिताशील पारमिताक्षांति पारमितावीर्य पारमिताध्यान पारमिताप्रज्ञा पारमिता dānasīlakhantiviriyajhānapaññā 7.0% ABV, 440ml Can Allergens - Gluten Wheat Barley Oats Vegan friendly
A Door To Paradise
Bright & Juicy DDH IPA
Bright, vibrant and juicy, this DDH IPA is fermented with Kveik yeast to accentuate the fresh, fruity aromatics from Loral, Strata and Citra hops. Galaxy was added into the mix to provide a rich, oily resinous character that results in...
Deep On Soap Street
Mosaic DDH Pale
Mosaic hops are as much at home in a well-balanced Pale as they are in an intense Triple IPA. Enjoy that distinctive blend of dark berries, tropical fruits and pungent dankness at a more easy-going ABV. 4.5% ABV, 440ml Can...
Cloudwater Soda Multi-Pack
4 Mixed Flavours
Cloudwater Soda takes delicious ingredients and flavour combinations from the brewery and makes low-calorie sodas with all the flavour of craft, but none of the alcohol. This 6-pack contains the following fresh sodas: 2 x Mango Sour Soda w/ Citra Hops - Mango,...
Cloudwater Pale Ale Mega Pack
A fresh selection of hoppy beers 3.7-5% ABV direct from the brewery: 2 x How Wonderful! - Pale Ale, 3.7% ABV 2 x High Beam - DDH Pale, 5% ABV 2 x Deep On Soap Street - DDH Pale, 4.5% ABV...
How Wonderful!
Bright & Juicy Pale
This modern Pale Ale captures everything we love about the style. It channels the easy drinkability of those classic session beers we find ourselves returning to time and again, while treating you to bright, vibrant aromatics from a blend of...
A Boat Leaves Alnmouth
Smooth & Vibrant Pale Ale
This full-flavoured, yet easy-drinking, Pale captures all the characteristics we love in New Zealand hops, drawing on the same blend as our much-loved TIPA Be Well, Friends. You can expect to find everything from bright citrus and rich tropical fruit...
A Whole Being
Citra & Belma DDH Pale
The combination of Citra's juicy mango aromatics and the unique strawberry character of Belma leaves us pining for the early days of summer, when spring's cool breeze yields to the gentle heat of the sun, casting a warm glow over...
The Interior Life And The External World
Bright & Juicy DDH Pale
DDH Pale with Kveik Yeast. A bare Laburnum, Is a place of fleeting rest. Cool, crisp, morning sun. 5% ABV, 440ml Can ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS Vegan friendly
Somewhere Within
Bright & Juicy IPA
Bright, juicy and brimming with vibrant fruit flavours, this is both our modern take on a classic style and an expression of our most up-to-date work in hoppy beer. It brings together a blend of our favourite US and New...
Welcome Your Awakening
Smooth & Juicy DDH IPA
Please stand by. We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you the fourth episode of our series centred on the hop combination of Citra, Motueka and NZ Cascade. Prepare to enjoy deep layers of juicy citrus and luscious stone...
The Canal At St Mark's
Citra & Strata DIPA
Sometimes the answer really isn't that hard top find. What happens when you pair everyone's new favourite hop with everyone's old favourite? Incredibly good things, of course. Well, that and an explosion of ripe tropical fruit and dank, 'fresh hop...
Clean & Bright West Coast IPA
Allow us to indulge in a spot of California dreaming. Inspired by the modern West Coast beers we delight in drinking, this IPA pops with juicy tropical fruit and citrus flavours, while staying clean, crisp and easy-drinking. Each sip fills...
Fresh & Smooth IIPA
This is a tribute to the strong, heavily hopped West Coast beers that captured our hearts by combining incredible depth of flavour with effortless drinkability. It’s rich and intense yet still soft, fresh and bright, with a finish that’s deliciously...
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