w/Wholesome Junkies
A fruit forward and easy drinking radler with Kabosu citrus and Shiranui orange.Working in collaboration with Manchester favourites and vegan food purveyors, Wholesome Junkies, this Radler has been brewed to reflect the time of year both with the use of...
from £3.25
Double Sixes
w/ Hoppy People
A juicy and fruit-forward Riwaka hopped DIPA.Brewed in collaboration with our hop-loving Swiss friends, Hoppy People, this DIPA puts the citrus character of the Riwaka hops front-and-centre, offering a beer that has a satisfying mouthfeel with a saturated fruit flavour.This...
from £6.50
Step Up
Rich & Roasty Stout
Collab w/ Rock Leopard
Hold on a second! It’s 2022 and we’re not here to talk diversity, we’re here to make a difference. Step Up is a delicious beer that is gonna help change who the beer industry represents, and what it needs to...
from £3.75
Fresh Off The Line 02
The freshest beers straight off the line from our brewery in Manchester. This week we have some heavy juice for you, fresh from the canning line: 2 x Iridescent, Radler, 2.8% ABV 2 x Double Sixes, DIPA, 8% ABV 2 x Step Up, Stout, 5%...
Lager, Lager, Lager
A super selection of clean and delicious easy drinking lagers from Cloudwater and friends, paying homage to the most popular beer style in the world. This pack contains the following cans: Burning Sky - Farmhouse Lager, Pilsner 4.8% ABV 440ml Eko...
Mid Winter Sippers
Dark Beer Pack
4-Pack or
4-Pack with glass
We are pleased to present you a small bundle of our stouts and barley wines to warm your soul during the cold winter weather. This pack includes the following 4 x beers: Cloudwater - My continuous Improvement - Chocolate Orange, Imperial Stout 11%...
from £29.60
Barrels & Fruit Gift Pack
4-Bottle Pack with Bellwoods Glass
A bright and fruity gift pack from our cellar, with a selection of four incredible beers from Cloudwater and friends. This pack includes the following bottles: Trillium - Long Life Apricot, Wild Ale w/ Apricot, 330ml bottle, 8.8% ABV Bellwoods - Prune Plum, BA...
Cloudwater Soda Multi-Pack
2 Mixed Flavours
6-Pack January
Cloudwater Soda takes delicious ingredients and flavour combinations from the brewery and makes low-calorie sodas with all the flavour of craft, but none of the alcohol. This 6-pack contains the following fresh sodas: 3 x Pineapple Soda - Juicy pineapple, lightly tart and fragrant yuzu,...
£17.25 £13.20
Golden Hour
Dunkel Bock
Originally a beer that was associated with changing seasons, this Bock was brewed using traditional German malts to create a flavour profile that offers crisp and herbal top notes before the sweetness of brown sugar comes through to round things...
from £4.25
Footsteps Of The Old Days
Barrel Aged Brut Sour
A blend of three barrels, this Champagne and Belgian yeast fermented wild ale was aged in white and red wine barrels for up to four years, before reconditioning in bottle for a year.Champagne aroma, honey malt, and spritzy carbonation balance the...
Cloudwater Soda - Pineapple & Yuzu
Made w/ Motueka Hops
Cloudwater Soda takes delicious ingredients and flavour combinations from the brewery and makes low-calorie sodas with all the flavour of craft, but none of the alcohol. Juicy pineapple, lightly tart and fragrant yuzu, a dash of lime and light floral hop notes. ...
from £3.00
My Continuous Improvement - Chocolate Orange
Rich & Fragrant Imperial Stout
Chocolate and orange is a classic flavour combination, but rather than the ubiquitous confectionary orb, think a luxuriant dark chocolate mousse or silky torte infused with fresh, fragrant citrus flavours. A healthy addition of orange zest is the perfect partner...
from £9.00
Gift Box & Barrel Project Glass Glass 2022
Build Your Own
You decide your own gift pack! Choose 6 items from our shop in 375ml or 440ml size, and we will put them together in this gift pack for you. This item includes: Gift Box 1 x 30cl Lüttich Goblet Cloudwater barrel...
Cloudwater Soda - Red
Alcohol-Free Wine Alternative
We wanted to create something special to capture the relaxation of the wine moment but without the alcohol. We took a small amount of our Chuckleberry Foudre Beer from barrel and blended it with a base of fruits, botanicals, and spices, to transform the liquid...
Sweet Dreams
Rum BA Imperial Stout With Cacao & Vanilla
Time in Rum barrels lends an even greater smoothness to the alreadyvelvety MCI Stout base, resulting in Sweet Dreams, a beer so pillowyit’s like you’re tucked up in bed dreaming of this very moment. Deepdark sugar and a light char...
I Know That You Know
BA Imperial Stout with Single Origin Coffee & Cacao
I Know That You Know is a truly multi-faceted and distinctive stoutblend, bringing together notes of slightly sharp and acidic darkchocolate with the sweetness of berries and vanilla. This has created abeer that is almost wine-like in its character, offering...
Nothing To Explain
Bourbon BA Barleywine Dry Hopped With Loral & Sabro
A beer style that harks back to the late eighteenth century in its creation,Nothing to Explain holds a sense of old meeting new; the traditional mixed with a bright and sanguine freshness. Having been aged in Bourbon barrels to impart a smooth,...
El Dorado, Simcoe IPA
Bretted Foudre Ale
A blend of a two year red wine Barrel-Aged DIPA and a Foudre Ale, this is a Wild IPA that is full of sweet papaya and pineapple flavour before leaving you with a dry, funky finish. Harnessing the process of...
Motueka, Nelson and Sabro Foudre Beer
Extra Hopped Bretted Foudre Beer
750ml - Last bottles with damaged labels.
Aged four months in foudre, then dry hopped with 40g/l of Motueka, Nelson Sauvin and Sabro.Made with time and love at Cloudwater. 5.4% ABV, 750ml BottleDue to the beer being extra hopped and horizontally conditioned, a hop residue has formed...
Something Only You Can Be
Spontan Fermented Fruited Sour
Coffee might more commonly be found in our darker beers but withSomething Only You Can Be we’ve made something unique, using an aged chuckleberry Wild Beer as our base and infusing it with Gachatha single origin coffee from Kenya, supplied by our...
The Day After Tomorrow
Wild Ale With Sour Cherries
Using the Belgian Kriek Lambic style as our inspiration, The Day After Tomorrow is an extremely fruit-forward Wild Sour that, thanks to the carbonic maceration of whole cherries, has released the full breadth of their flavour. The fruit expression is bright and vibrant...
Hot Cast Days
BA Wild Sour with Passion Fruit
Hot Cast Days combines the dry tannic notes imparted by its time in wine barrels with the sweet juiciness brought by the addition of passion fruit. You’re left with a beer that is lightly carbonated but full of life, the...
Hops and Funk Barrel Project Christmas Release 2022
6 Bottles + 30cl Glass
Hops & Fruits
We are excited to present this year’s Christmas Barrel Project releases to you across these decadent, seasonal and fully developed beers.Each year we combine the best of our brewing, barrels, hops, fine organic fruits, and carefully sourced ingredients to deliver beers that range from...
Kold IPA
from £6.00
Kold IPA
A clean and lightly hazy Cold IPA.Modern hazy IPAs are typically made with ale yeasts for the rich and potent tropical fruit esters they contribute, that work alongside citrusy, dank, or tropical flavours from hops. Cold IPAs use lager yeasts that contribute very little...
from £6.00
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