Trillium - Buncha Bananas
Imperial Stout w/ Thai Bananas
Taking a page from the Other Half playbook, we went a little bananas for our latest collab with the New York homies- literally! Buncha' Bananas imperial stout features a lusciously rich base dosed with hundreds of pounds of imported wild...
Trillium - Double Pot & Kettle 2021
Blended Imperial Oatmeal Porter w/ Vanilla
For 2021 Double Pot & Kettle, we've blended four versions of this Imperial Oatmeal Porter. Fresh, non-barrel-aged '21 was thoughtfully combined with harmonious selections of bourbon barrel-aged and fresh oak conditioned '18, '19, and '20. These threads have been in...
Belleflower - Flashlight Tag
Imperial Stout w/ Black Walnut & Pecan
This iteration of Flashlight Tag opens with warm earthy aromas of maple syrup from the black walnuts then peanut brittle and candied pecans. This beer tastes of black walnut upfront, followed by the middle of a cherry Tootsie Pop and...
Allagash - Stories Told
Blended Sour Ale w/ Cherries & Blackberries
For the re-telling of cherished stories and the creation of new ones. Stories Told is half dark, strong sour ale aged in bourbon barrels, half flemish-style sour brown ale. We blend those two beers and age them on fresh, locally...
Godspeed - Sutoko
Vintage Stock Ale
500ml Bottle
Godspeed say: Back in 19th century England, stock or "keeping" ales would develop in cask over many months and take on distinct lactic and brettanomyces character. Sutoko takes inspiration from these long forgotten beers of great distinction. Brewed using East...
Godspeed - Tsumi
Imperial Stout w/ Coffee
355ml Can
Godspeed say: Tsumi 罪 (meaning: sin) is our refined interpretation of an Imperial Coffee Stout. Using Guatemalan, single origin coffee from Pilot Coffee Roasters, Tsumi gives impressions of blackcurrants, dark chocolate cake, and subtle vanilla with a dry and unapologetically...
Godspeed - Svetly Lezak 12
Czech Premium Pale Lager
355ml Can
Godspeed say: One cannot truly understand the depth of the Czech Brewing philosophy until he/she has made it to the country and hook up with the greatest beer inspirations and personalities of the Czech Republic. Back in November 2018, Our...
Godspeed - Irori
Peated Scotch Lager
355ml Can
Godspeed say: IRORI 囲炉裏 is our tribute to Greg Noonan, a pioneer of American craft beer and our dear friend and former mentor. Noonan was the owner and head brewer of Vermont Pub and Brewery for over 20 years, during...
Godspeed - Ochame
Green Tea IPA
355ml Can
Godspeed say: Floral and citrus from the Japanese Green tea, harvested every year from our Brewmaster's tea field in Japan, melds harmoniously with German and French hops in this big, but agile IPA. A simple but robust malt profile and...
Sonnen Hill - Stout
Classic Dark Beer
Stout is the dark beer of our dreams, brewed with British malt and oats. Dark brown with tan foam and aromas of mocha with a hint of sponge toffee and marshmallow. Restrained roastiness with some caramelized sugar flavours and a light, creamy finish. This beer has...
Sonnen Hill - Lager Beer
Classic drinking beer brewed with German pilsner malt and hopped with Hersbrucker and Saphir. Honey and biscuity malt flavours and aromas with light hoppy aromas. It's dry and oh so smooth. 4.8% ABV, 473ml Can Allergens - Gluten, Wheat, Barley Vegan friendly
Sonnen Hill - Altro
North American Pils
Altro is a North American Pils that we made with Volo. Brewed with barley and some flaked corn, and hopped with Sterling hops from Oregon, this one goes down easy. There are delicate hop aromas of geranium, light peach and lemon. The body...
Bellwoods - Fruit Jelly King: Raspberry Peach
Dry Hopped Sour w/ Raspberry & Peach
473ml Can
This fruity mixed fermentation ale was soured with a 5-strain house blend of lactobacillus, and heavily dry-hopped with citra. The result is juicy, sour, and thirst-quenching. Lots of fuzzy peach, tangerine, and cedar hop aroma and flavours with very low...
Bellwoods - Fruit Jelly King: Mango Guava Passionfruit
Dry Hopped Sour w/ Mango, Guava & Passionfruit
473ml Can
This fruity mixed fermentation ale was soured with a 5-strain house blend of lactobacillus, and heavily dry-hopped with citra. The result is juicy, sour, and thirst-quenching. Lots of fuzzy peach, tangerine, and cedar hop aroma and flavours with very low...
Bellwoods - Grandma's Boy 2022: Yellow Plum
Wild Ale Blend w/ Yellow Plums
Grandma’s Boy is a Wild Ale blend made in the Bellwoods Solera style. Repeatedly, foeder aged beer is blended with a small percentage of fresh beer to create a spritzy beer with layers of firm acidity, refined brett character, stone...
Bellwoods - Intermodal 2021
3 Year Spontaneous Blend
Intermodal is our 100% spontaneously inoculated wild beer, created in a style inspired by traditional lambic producers. This particular Intermodal is our first three year blend, with spontaneously fermented beer from 2020, 2019 and 2018. In other words, it is...
Bellwoods - Barn Owl No. 28
Foeder Aged Blended Wild Ale w/ Peach & Apricot
Barn Owl is a series of one-off creations that are released sporadically throughout the year, just as soon as we deem the barrels ripe for the picking.No. 28 is a lightly dry hopped blend of pale ales aged in American...
Farmageddon Cherry
Foeder Aged Wild Ale w/ Cherry
Farmageddon is our wild farmhouse ale that we've been brewing, blending, and aging for almost as many years as we've been open. The blending process allows us to maintain a common thread across batches, the aging adds nuanced layers, while...
We Must Love Or Stars Will Fall
Blended Barrel Aged Sour Conditioned On Fruit 750ml Bottle
We are more than excited to finally be able to present to you this delicate and decadent blend of red wine barrel aged beer. Including a six month old beer conditioned on chuckleberry. A two year old beer conditioned on sour...
The Veil Sticker
Red, Green and White.
Queer Brewing - Burst Into Bright
We all burst into bright colours, flowers, sparks from time to time. This beer is for those moments of brightness, vibrance, and joy. Burst Into Bright is our core IPA, hopped solely with NZ Cascade and fermented with the same...
Eko - Pils
Our Pilsner is an addition to our range of beers brewed with coconut palm sugar. Paying homage to the ingredients used in the famous African beverage, Palm Wine. 5.5% ABV, 440ml Can ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS COCONUT PALM SUGAR...
Sonnen Hill - Spontaneous
Coolship Beer
Spontaneous is our first coolship beer, brewed way back in September 2018. The base beer was made with aged and fresh hops and raw wheat from Barn Owl Malt in Belleville, ON. After brewing, we let it cool naturally in...
Sonnen Hill - No Worry (Batch 2)
BA Blended Hoppy Saison
No Worry (batch two) is a blend of a spelt saison aged in oak for 16 months and a hoppy saison aged in stainless for 10 months. Bottle conditioned. Aromas of dried plum skin, starfruit and a touch of earth,...
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